My First Post

Goot eeevening.  I am your host with the most, Wolf.  This is my very first blog EVER, so I guess I should put something clever in here to get you to come back.


Got nothing. 

Oh, well.  Yesterday I was out driving to pick up some groceries and I was listening to the radio.  Bob Seger was singing “Nutbush City” from his live album.  Me, I was singing along.  Then I noticed people in the car next to me and got self conscious.  Until I noticed that they were singing along, too.  Cool.  The the next song came on.  “My Sharrona” by the Knack.  I started singing along with that without thinking.  Then I noticed the people in the car next to me giving me the hairy eyeball.  Apparently, they thought I was FROM Nutbush City.  Lesson?  Sing with Bob, cool.  Sing with The Knack, you’re a putz.

The really amazing thing was that I was out DRIVING!  Get your gas before you get your groceries and you are guareteed to lose weight.  Who needs Jenny Craig?  We got Exxon to help us get thin.  The gas stations are worse than vampires.  With a vamp you just introduce a wooden stake to their chest and problem solved.  Oil companies need an act of congress to bring them down.  I suspect, however, that most of congress has summer homes in Burmuda courtesy of OPEC, so don’t expect any help from that quarter.

OK, lessee, I told a lame joke and ranted about the price of gas.  That’s all for now, blogger-philes.



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6 Responses to “My First Post”

  1. Natalie Says:

    Hi there
    Saw you on the Yahoo group and thought I would give you a wave ! ;0)

    I have been looking for a web blog too so I will watch and see how yours goes on here.
    N x

  2. wulfmann Says:

    Ah, My first fan. This is how it starts folks. One person stops by and tells others and they tell others and before you know it I’m bigger than Howard Stern. Actually, I think I outweight Howard by about 100 lbs. Thanx for stopping in N x.


  3. Ivy Reisner Says:

    You can tell the gas prices are coming down (finally) when the office and the bus are determined to keep people freezing in August. Seriously, my wool was shivering today.

  4. Sparrowhawk Says:

    Hey, Wolfie…

    So now, I’ve found the way to your new (b)log house. No orcs in here, no senrats, either *bwaa-ha* Nice, nice… I guess I’ll look in here from time to time.

    Greetings from Germany

    Sparrowhawk, a.k.a. Peter… sometimes reminiscing the Devil Whiskey days…

  5. bedfordkat Says:

    My blog is better than yours ! 😛

  6. Kathleen Says:

    My Blog is better than yours ! !!! 😛

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