Bio Fuel

Thanx to the current energy crunch that is making the oil companies even richer than ever before (don’t even get me started on THAT); industrious right-thinking people are looking into alternate sources of energy.  Solar is still a ways away as far as automotive is concerned, and electric cars just don’t go the distance – about 90 odd miles which wouldn’t even get me to Detroit and back.

One of the more inventive solutions is bio-fuel.  Bio-fuel is basically reclaimed vegetable oil with an additive that converts it into a fuel that can run a diesel engine.  Cooooool.  But it is even MORE expensive, at this time, than regular diesel, let alone gasoline.  Part of the problem is acquiring the veg-oil for converting into fuel.  Ever buy veg-oil to deep fry your potatoes?  Depending on the brand and quality you spend 2 or 3 bucks for 1/2 a gallon.  There is the leftover oil from McDonalds that they toss out every day, but even the french-fry loving American public doesn’t consume enough to generate the quantities of left-over oil needed to keep everybody on the road.  We need alternatives, folks.  A hybrid diesel would help, to be sure, but we still need more cooking oil.

What about lard?  You know – animal fat.  If we can do it with veg-oil, why not find a way to do it with fat?  This would solve other problems at the same time.  Butchers would trim more fat off of the meat to sell to the fuel companies.   Hamburger would be leaner.  Less fat would end up in your veins and arteries.  What about the bio-mass sucked out of rich asses by liposuction?  Hollywood alone would keep a few hundred drivers on the road with converted ass-fat.  The cost of liposuction would also come down because the clinics would be double dipping by selling the extracted mass to the fuel companies.

If this sounds disgusting, let me assure you that you’ll get over it when you’re sitting in line at the gas station waiting to fill up at $6.00 a gallon…and you better believe that’s headed our way.  The Arabs will keep jacking up the price to squeeze every nickel out of us they can.  Now, we only get about 13% of our oil from there, but when they jack it up, so does everybody else.  That’s capitalism at its most greedy.

This has been a Wolf Rant.



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