I had a horrible nightmare last night.  I dreamed that Barack Hussien Obama won the election and America became an Islamic country.  Everybody who did not embrace Islam was rounded up and imprisoned or publicly beheaded.  Women were forced to wear burkas and any who protested where stoned in the street for being a harlot.  Women were required to undergo a mutilating procedure that would forever after make sex a chore instead of a pleasure, and more, they would be sewn up enough to make it more interesting for the men.  Women who sought legal redress for being sexually assaulted were stoned as harlots while their attackers went scott free.  The states became different sects of the Muslim religion resulting in religious wars between them that made the Civil War look like a tickle fight.  Technological advancement slowed to a crawl when the brightest minds fled the country to seek asylum in saner lands.  Children were taught to disrespect women and to keep them in their place.  Women had no rights what-so-ever.

Muslims in the White House pressed a little red button and Israel ceased to exist leaving a smoking crater in its place.  America became embroiled in a religious world war that raged for centuries.

Thank God (Allah to Zeus, take your pick) I awoke and found that it wasn’t even November, yet.  Let’s hope it stays just a nightmare.

This has been a Wolf Rant.



6 Responses to “Islamerica”

  1. Leila Says:

    Too true to be funny!

  2. Ivy Says:

    At least it’s not Huckabee. That kind of Christian fundamentalism would have us back to the Crusades and the Inquisition, with Jewish babies smashed to the ground so that their skulls might shatter in front of their mothers, who watched from the racks. And let’s not forget burning people at the stake. If he’d have gotten into office, we’d have seen that by February.

  3. wulfmann Says:

    Too be sure Christians have committed any number of atrocities in the name of their faith. However, they outgrew most of that about 500 yeas ago. When is the last time the Catholic Church roasted marshmellows on the pyre of a heretic? I don’t practice any faith so I like to think of myself as objective on the issue, but I don’t want to wait another 500 years for Islam to reach the level of tolerance Christians currently practice. Christians may not like or agree with your faith (whatever it may be) but they aren’t out cutting people’s heads off. The really scary thing is that Islam was around millinia ahead of Christianity and they STILL kill each other over minor differences in how they practice their own religion. Should I make a list of the countries and atrocities where this has happened and is happeneing still? I think I would exceed my allotted wordcount! People, all people, need to adopt a system of “live and let live.” If you think the other guy will go to Hell, let him do so at his own pace.

  4. Pat Says:

    I think Ms Ivy has been smoking some wacky terbaccy —
    Precisely what does she think will happen when (God Forbid) Obama gets into office?

  5. wulfmann Says:

    In the future I hope commentors direct their objections and criticisms at me and not the other commentors. I want everybody to feel free to express their opinions even when they are directly opposed to mine. I don’t want people to refrain from commenting for fear of being verbally attacked by others.

  6. Sparrowhawk Says:

    Tu felix America (“You lucky America,” in the Latin tongue)… well, at least sometimes…

    Honestly, I don’t have the impression that the USA will be turned into the “Islamic States of America” with Obama running the show in the Oval Office. Things are becoming worse over here, in Rumsfeld’s ‘Old World,’ and especially in Germany, where the self-proclaimes guardians of the political correctness do not accept any criticism on Islam, calling every critic a Nazi (!!). In the meantime, one mosque after another is built, one Imam after another can preach the jihad… not in Pakistan, but in Germany.
    I predict: long before the “Islamic States of America” are proclaimed – if they are ever proclaimed – Germany will be turned from the “Federal Republic of Germany” into the “Islamic Republic of Germany.” Well, on the other hand, taht might even do sonething good, for those who are advocating Islam now are mostly women like Claudia Roth (one of the president of the left-wing ‘Green Party’, with ‘Green’ not being religious but ecological). When Islamo-Germany has come, people like her will have to wear the burka and finally shut up.

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