Hello everybody.  I want to tell you about Vonage and how they hosed me.

I signed up with Vonage about 18 months ago after I signed up for high speed wireless Internet.  I thought “Cool, I’ll save lots of money, talk to people anywhere in the US and just generally enjoy the service.”  Wrong!

Almost from the start I had trouble getting a good clear connection.  I got so much snap, crackle and pop I thought Kellogg’s Rice Crispies owned Vonage.  Naturally, I called to complain.  We did this and that, but to no avail.  We went back and forth several times on this issue.  I replaced the modem they sent me, but no difference.  Finally, one of their techs told me that it could be my wireless was unable to support telephone service.  Well, I went the rounds with my ISP, but they couldn’t find any reason for it not to work.  Again I complained to Vonage.  This time they gave me $10 off per month for one year.  Always nice to save a few bucks, unless you are paying for a service that doesn’t work right.  My phone calls were always brief, my friends never called me because they couldn’t handle the snap, crackle and pop on the line, and I couldn’t even get a call in to my doctor to make an appointment because of all the noise.  Finally, I had had enough.  I cancelled the service.

Now, get this.  For 18 months I paid for what had to be the worst phone service since Alexander Graham Bell yelled “Mr. Watson.  Come here. I need you.” into his prototype.  Well, to add insult to significant injury, Vonage actually had the sheer unmitigated gall to charge me $39.95 for the pleasure of disconnecting them!  Me pay them MORE money to get shut of their lousy service!  Now that takes brass!

I have since switched over to MagicJack, which costs $20 a year for internet phone service, and I get much better signal quality.  Let me point out that I am not getting paid by them to tout their product.  My only interest is that you know what you are getting into before signing up with Vonage.  Anybody interested in the MagicJack can go to www.magicjack.com.  And if you want to let Vonage know what you think about how they treat their customers, go to www.vonage.com.

You better believe this has been a Wolf Rant.


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One Response to “Vonage”

  1. DIABLO! Says:

    ..I used Vonage YEARS ago, when Howard Stern told me about it…
    I have since ditched their services, because they have become a bit of a dinosaur…
    Who needs a HOME phone anymore??….
    Answer:….not many!
    I now SAVE the monthly fee I USED to have, when I used Vonage…
    …also, Vonage has now resorted to attaching shady monthly bills, called Voicemail services, or some such name…I had to report this to my CC company, & the fraudulent charges have now been removed…Be verrrry careful when dealing with these Vonage folks, nowadays…

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