Oil Electoral Vote

No doubt everybody reading this has noticed the sudden and dramatic drop in gas prices.  Now, they are still ridiculously high, but more drop-age is to come.  In fact by November we should be looking at $2.00 a gallon or even less.

Don’t get too excited, folks, it is temporary.  Anywhere from 10 minutes after the election to Jan 1, 2009 will see the price go back up possibly achieving record highs.  Why?  Simple; the election.  As you may remember it did the same thing two years ago when the Republicans were trying to fill the seats in congress and the senate.  Well, here we go again.  As soon as the election is over and the dust has settled, the prices will go right back up regardless of which party comes out on top.  Come November, get your gas cans ready and fill up as much as you can while it is relatively cheap.

What I would like to know is if we are sending any foreign aid to the oil producing nations.  If we are, we should damned well stop it.  They are getting enough of our money at the pump.  Instead, use that foreign aid money to cut down on the cost of gas over here.

Wait-a-sec.  Didn’t we win that little war with Iraq?  Why aren’t we hauling off their oil for war reparations?  Could it be that the oil companies don’t want that oil to become available?  After all, it would bring the price down and no good capitalist wants that to happen.

The truly annoying thing is that no matter who gets into the oval office, you and I will continue to be screwed over by the oil companies.  Time to buy 10 speeds America.

This has been a Wolf Rant.



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