Big Three

OK, I made my position very clear about the AIG handout some weeks ago.  Now it is the big three in trouble; GM, Ford and Chrysler.  Now the auto makers are not asking for a handout.  They want a LOAN.  Back in the 70s Carter gave a loan to Chrysler and they paid it back ahead of schedule.  That says good risk.  But the government is hemming and hawing over giving them the money.  Well, of course they are…this is a loan, not a handout.  If they had asked for a handout they would already be spending the money like AIG.  But lets get real, they will get the money because the economy can’t afford to let them go under, even though they moved thousands of jobs off to Mexico.

So, taken as a given that they, the Big Three, will get the money, what kind of conditions should the government make for them? 

1.  Auto makers must reopen at least 50% of the factories they closed down in the U.S. and put Americans back to work.  The idea is fixing the economy, isn’t it?  Well, that would be a good first step. 

2.  Fire the dumb-asses at the top who ran the companies into the ground in the first place.  Get somebody in there who knows how to really manage things.  Clone Lee Iaccoca if you have to! 

3.  Make the top idiots (who should be dusting off their resumes by this time) give back all their bonuses for the last three years.  The ship is sinking and its their fault, so they didn’t earn any damn bonuses in the first place. 

4.  Start designing cars that can actually compete with the foreign imports for fuel efficiency and economy.  Take the dumb son-of-a-bitch who designed the SUV and dump him in the unemployment line.

Those are the stipulations the government should attach to the loan.  If Toyota can run a factory on American soil at a profit, then the domestic auto makers should be able to do so as well.

This has been a Wolf Rant.


8 Responses to “Big Three”

  1. Sparrowhawk Says:

    Hehe, I like the idea of letting those dumb-asses paying back their bonuses…

    Another stipulation I’d like to see is giving those “managers” an annual salary of 36 K $ (or € over here) net. That’s still a monthly salary of 3000 $ / €, whoch should be perfectly enough to live… well, at least I could live on that salary perfectly. If they can’t… well, I can teach them how… for a fee of 5000 $ net, of course. 😀

    BTW, I’m in favor of making those “managers” liable with their private assets for any gambling (= “speculation”) they do with the money of others. Not only their bonuses, but everything… villa, penthouse, yacht, collection of paintings, luxury cars.. simply everything.

  2. wulfmann Says:

    While I agree in essence, the fact is that a salary of 36K would be less than the shop supervisors get over here. I have a friend who works in trash collection making about 30K a year without even counting the over-time, which he gets a lot of as a rule. But I like the personal asset idea. It would never happen, but I like it.

  3. Sparrowhawk Says:

    Of course, it won’t… some “bakshish” unter the table will take care of that…

  4. Mudepoz Says:

    Just to let you know.

    I am involved with a University system at the forefront of biofuel research. NOT just the damn corn fuel that exceeds the amount of energy put in than given back (can we say GREEN REVOLUTION?) but newer things like engineered E. Coli. that produce alchohols that can be burned in existing cars.

    Now, I do feel that we should get away from carbon based fuels entirely, but it’s a start.

  5. Wulfmann Says:

    Now that is cool, though people will hear “E. Coli” and instantly conjure up images of food contamination. Hopefully they’ll put a friendly sounding name on it. Sounds better than my ass-fat bio-fuel idea. Frankly, I would like to see grass clippings collected and converted into fuel. That would get the lazier neighbors off their asses and mow the damn lawn!

  6. Sparrowhawk Says:

    I favor the idea of replacing carbeon-based fuels… in that case, those Sheiks can f$@% their camels, sittíng on a big black sauce that’s good for nothing anymore… and some Russian guys can inhale their gas, too, for all I care…

  7. Mudepoz Says:

    Eh. People won’t hear E. coli. Do you hear about the bacteria making your butter flavoring for popcorn? Or making insulin.

    Probably not. Cryptic critters.

  8. Wulfmann Says:

    While I accept all comments, positive and negative, I will ask that we refrain from the use of the F-bomb (even though I thoroughly support the sentiment.) Let’s keep it slightly less dirty folks.

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