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January 27, 2009

A while ago I got on a rant about how I would prefer to be called a Breeder over being called Straight and the why of it.  I stand by that and don’t plan on reversing myself any time soon.  However, I got to thinking (always a dangerous pass-time with me) and can’t help wondering why we need these labels in the first place.  When I introduce my friends to other people I don’t say “this is my Gay friend Michael and this is my Breeder friend Roy,” I say, “these are my friends Michael and Roy.”  Why do we feel compelled to paste a label on people?  This one is Gay, this one is Black, that one is Muslim.  Who cares?  Either they are people of good character or they or not.  And contrary to what you may have heard from certain religious or segregationist groups race, creed, color or belief system does not a good or bad person make.  Now, I hope I am not breaking new ground here with most of my readers (all five of you.)  The only time a person’s sexual preference should matter is when they are asking you out for a date.  A person’s color should only matter when describing a person to the police after you have been robbed or whatever, and then only to narrow the field of likely suspects…same with height, hair and eye color.  Not all Muslims are extremists, we just hear about the bad ones most often.  Again, I am not breaking new ground here, but I hope I am giving you something obvious to think about.

Yeah, a Wolf Rant