A while ago I got on a rant about how I would prefer to be called a Breeder over being called Straight and the why of it.  I stand by that and don’t plan on reversing myself any time soon.  However, I got to thinking (always a dangerous pass-time with me) and can’t help wondering why we need these labels in the first place.  When I introduce my friends to other people I don’t say “this is my Gay friend Michael and this is my Breeder friend Roy,” I say, “these are my friends Michael and Roy.”  Why do we feel compelled to paste a label on people?  This one is Gay, this one is Black, that one is Muslim.  Who cares?  Either they are people of good character or they or not.  And contrary to what you may have heard from certain religious or segregationist groups race, creed, color or belief system does not a good or bad person make.  Now, I hope I am not breaking new ground here with most of my readers (all five of you.)  The only time a person’s sexual preference should matter is when they are asking you out for a date.  A person’s color should only matter when describing a person to the police after you have been robbed or whatever, and then only to narrow the field of likely suspects…same with height, hair and eye color.  Not all Muslims are extremists, we just hear about the bad ones most often.  Again, I am not breaking new ground here, but I hope I am giving you something obvious to think about.

Yeah, a Wolf Rant



3 Responses to “Labels”

  1. Sparrowhawk Says:

    Well.. as to Muslims, there is a similar discussion over here… some try to distinguish between “Islamists” (= fanatical / terrorist muslims) and “moderate Muslims.”

    What I wonder is… we, in Germany, have one of the biggest Muslim populations outside a Muslim country (and I’m speaking of several millions!) – Berlin, e.g. has one of the largest Turkish populations outside Turkey… worldwide! – but where are those moderates when there is another terrorist attack, another “honor killing,” etc ? Why don’t they demonstrate against the abuse of their religion, against the abuse of the name of Allah ? Why don’t they stand up against it ? Not only in Germany, but in the Muslim countries, as well ?

    To me, this silence looks like silent agreement, maybe even hidden sympathies for terrorists, “honor murderers” and the like. To me, it looks like there are only very few real moderates and that they are either not enough to demonstrate or that they are scared.

  2. wulfmann Says:

    Now this is an excellent posting. Yes, where are all these moderate Muslims who deplore the senseless violence? Well, any Muslim who follows the dictates of Shiara Law will not only keep silent about an honor killing, say, the stoning of a wife who committed adultry, he’ll accept it is proper justice. Remember, this is a culture that condones the mutilation of their daughters so that they cannot enjoy sex, hence they are encouraged to be faithful. And to be fair, some branches are less extreme than others, just as with Christianity or Judiasm.
    Next, who is there to do the protesting? In the US anybody can speak their mind without fear of violent reprisal, or at least with the confidence that those that attack them will end up on trial themselves. Not so in Muslim controled societies. Women can be stoned, beaten or thrown into the street for expressing a point of view unpopular with the men. That is 50% of the potential demonstrators right there. Next, the men would be afraid of the Extremists making an example out of those who voice opposition. Various Muslim sects go to war with each other over how they practice their faith (you have to have seen it on the news) and people wouldn’t want to broadcast their position for fear of getting killed. Christians pretty much did the same thing 500 years ago (you know, the Inquisitions and what-not.)
    Everybody thinks that their faith is the “right” one and everybody should practice it their way. Christians have (mostly) outgrown killing each other over it. Maybe in another 500 years the Muslims will, too.

  3. Sparrowhawk Says:

    Well, in Germany, people can also speak their minds, though not as freely as in the USA, for there are a few opinions that may get you into jail if you voice them. There is a case going on at the moment, and the attorney demanded more than 10 years (!) for the defendant… well, he should have studied law more eagerly, because German law does, a.f.a.i.k. not go that far… but even running the risk of 5 years imprisonment for voicing an opinion has nothing to to with freedom of speech, and is unworthy of a country that calls itself ‘democratic.’ Well… Germany is ill, infected to a high degree by political (over-)correctness, and on its way to become Orwell’s state. But that’s another issue.

    What I want to say is… in Germany, there would be some demonstration potential – as I said, there are more Muslims in Germany than in some Muslim countries – without having to fear to get stoned or the like. And yet… silence, even after 9/11.

    And does every Muslim country oppress demonstrations against terrorism?
    Iran – very likely. Sudan, Syria, Lybia – likely.
    What about the Arabian Peninsula, North Africa (apart from Libya), Turkey? Or Nigeria, Indonesia, Brunei, Iraq?

    BTW “honor killing” is not “only” stoning an adulterous woman, but also killing a (mostly female) family member that refuses the family’s way of life in favor of e.g. the Western way of life… such as the Surucu case in Berlin a few years ago.

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