Organized Religion

Let me state for the record that I am not anti-God.  I do not believe in a devil.  I don’t care what religion people practice as long as they don’t practice it on me.  That said, I have a Catholic friend who is currently on the outs with the Catholic Church.  Now for some back-story.

This woman was married in accordance with the church to a practicing Catholic husband…who fooled around then decided he wanted a divorce.  OK, they got a divorce.  Now, he is still an Usher in the church while she is considered “the whore” by said church. 


She bore him five squalling girl-babies, all of whom look just like the father, and she is the fallen woman?  Why?  Because she got the divorce?  Puh-leeeaze!  Folks, I think every religion needs to be dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century where the man is held responsible for his actions and the woman isn’t expected to just lay back and take it.

Now for the kicker.  The unfaithful man is welcome in the church, the faithful, but divorced woman is an outcast, and the church still tries to solicit tithes from her.  I believe this comes under the heading of MONUMENTAL GALL!  But what can one expect of a church that hides the indiscretions of their pedophiliac members?

And people wonder why I don’t subscribe to any religion.  Good thing I don’t believe in Hell, I guess.

Yup, this was a Wolf Rant.



4 Responses to “Organized Religion”

  1. Foxfier Says:

    If she’s not re-married, then someone at their church needs to be bitch-slapped. That is TOTALLY not inside of Church teaching. (If the Priest is supporting such things, she should probably write to the Bishop, too.)

    If she is re-married, then she is on the outs with Church teaching (I’m going to assume no annulment) but anyone treating her as a whore still needs to be bitch-slapped.

    My aunt is a very active Catholic. Her first marriage ended with the guy slamming her face into the bumper of their pickup, at her parents’ house. It was annulled in part because they were able to show he had no intent of being loyal at the time of marriage. (she might want to look into that– in a different Parish. Sounds like the one she’s in is just nuts.)

  2. wulfmann Says:

    No, she is not re-married. However, I have to wonder what differance that makes. He was unfaithful so she kicked him to the curb as any wouman with any degree of self respect should. But now she is expected to live out the rest of her days as a single mother? How is that fair? The whole freakin’ religion sounds just plain nuts to me!

  3. Foxfier Says:

    The Catholic Church takes that whole “until death do ye part” thing seriously.

    Metaphysically, if the marriage was not one that could be annulled, their souls are one.

    She isn’t expected to be a single mother– he’s supposed to take care of his children, as well.

    The Church teaches forgiveness, if the one who wronged you is truly repentant– sounds like the husband is scum, sadly, and hasn’t grasped what a level of horrific evil he committed against someone who is supposed to be “flesh of my flesh.”

    As I said– if anyone is treating her poorly because the guy cheated, was unrepentant, then divorced her– they’re screwed in the head. And if the parish Priest is involved, the Bishop in charge of him should *really* know that he’s got an idiot who needs to be smacked, theologically.

    From the information here, she’s innocent, she’s been wronged.

  4. wulfmann Says:

    Ah, the voice of reason!

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