Michael Jackson

Well, it didn’t take long for the profiteers to come out of the woodwork.  Michael Jackson isn’t even cold yet and they are selling commemorative crap.  The only thing that disgusts me more than that is the fact that they are making Jackson out to be a perfect little saint. 

Please pass the vomit bag.

Jackson was accused of child molestation twice, at least one count of child endangerment and lived like an oversized adolescent in general.  No, he was never convicted.  Neither was O J Simpson, but everybody is sure he did it.  I can’t get passed the 25 million dollar payout he made the first time to make the problem go away.  He knew he wasn’t going to be convicted the second time, clearly, and even flaunted that fact by disrespecting the court.  Showing up in pajamas took a lot of damn gall.

I for one will not miss him, his music or the controversies that followed him.  I would have preferred him locked up to dead, but maybe a greater power thought otherwise…or at least a crooked doctor.

People don’t waste your money on the cheap commemorative crap they’ll be hawking on TV or whatever.  Spend it on your kids and keep them away from people like Michael Jackson.

 This has been a Wolf Rant.


One Response to “Michael Jackson”

  1. Sparrowhawk Says:

    Yeah, you´re right, Wolfman… it´s a shame what is going on now.

    Jacko´s dead, and should be left in peace, dead and buried. Those who like his music have tons of commemorative stuff already, i.e. his CDs. And yet, even more stuff, apart from CDs, is released on the market… it’s like grave robbery.

    I’m not a Jacko fan, but I think he doesn’t deserve this.

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