Crazy Free

OK, you have all heard of this amazing offer to get a free laptop by subscribing to a service that wants your input. Well, it is plain unvarnished crap! “Free” seems to have a different meaning to these people than it does to me. First, you have to give them your name, address, home phone, the usual crap. Fine, you think, they need to know where to send the laptop, right? Next comes webpage after webpage of required sign-ups for loads of spam that will come to your e-mail. Plus, they try over and over to get a cell phone number. NEVER GIVE OUT YOUR CELL NUMBER!!! Next are the REQUIRED two offers for “free” crap…but, oh, wait, you have to pay shipping or a process fee and they will need your credit card number to charge the $1 or more (usually more) for you to get that “free” offer. If you don’t have a credit or debit card, you can’t get any of the “free” stuff. And you are an idiot to give them that information anyway!

Now, I will never know if the LapTop will ever actually get sent, because I quit trying to fill out the “Free” offers too soon. Now I will delete the temp e-mail address I set up just to investigate this fraud. Yes fraud! If they want money to send you something free, it is a FRAUD! OK, maybe I am wrong and if you actually sign up for all the crap and cheerfully wade through all the spam and pay the $100 for all the required free offers you have to pay for, maybe you will get a laptop. I have never met ANYBODY who did. Nor even heard of a friend who had a friend whose fourth cousin once removed got a free laptop.

So how does it REALLY work? Well, this is my theory. They deluge you with offers on this and that (mostly crap you wouldn’t touch otherwise) and hit you with web-page after web-page of stuff you have to sign up for. But it never ends. You sign-up until the second coming and never see the end of the offers. Eventually, you will say “enough!” and just turn-off the computer. But now you are signed up for scads of SPAM that will never stop until you delete the e-mail address, change your phone number, and maybe even move! And of course nobody will ever get the LapTop except maybe some shill for the web-site.

Now, as I am a fairly open-minded individual, I invite anybody who has ever received this “free” LapTop to post a repley and tell me what you went through to get it…or if you ever actually did get it. Tell us how many “free” offers you had to pay for and how much SPAM you now receive as a result of signing up for it.

Go buy a LapTop. It is cheaper in the long run.

This has been a Wolf Rant.


18 Responses to “Crazy Free”

  1. Corgi Says:

    I’ve tried chasing those things just for a copy of Firefly, and lost the use of my Yahoo! e-dress as a result. Horrid, horrid thing to put the OCD through….

    Anyway, I saw your post on the Y!group. I don’t know what was happening offstage, but I hope you’ll comment over in the Klaus Defence League at least — the OpenID works much like a LJ Basic account.


  2. david Says:

    YOU ARE SO WRIGHT if u start filling out this junk it never stops and if u give them your phone number they call an call untill you change it but u never get anything that u dont pay for it and that is so wrong were is my — lab top

  3. hunter Says:

    yup these things are completely retarded. it should be illegal to have all these ads and spam on the internet and radio

  4. yasmin mastan Says:

    I need a laptop for my school that i cant afford would be nice if i get one

  5. wulfmann Says:

    But are you willing to sell your soul to get one? One other thing I should mention: When you give you personal information to the numerous solicitors who will be clogging your e-mail, stuffing your mailbox and ringing your phone off the hook, they, in turn, will be selling your information to other agencies who will do the same. A number of the e-mails and phone calls I received when I started my investigation had nothing to do with the stuff I signed up for. I finally got them all off my back by cancelling my e-mail account and changing my phone number. Think long and hard before you give it a try!

  6. Phillip Says:

    My daughter did one of these a while back and used our information. About 6 months after she did it we started getting a $9 charge on our phone bill for an 800 number they had setup for us. How nice of them. I asked them what I needed an 800 number for and who authorized it and they said she had authorized it when she was filling out the information. I guess there was a check box some place that gave them permission to bill our phone account. We got the charges taken off and credited but I wonder how many other people are paying and don’t even know it. By the way, she got tired of filling out the info and never did get anything “free”.

  7. wulfmann Says:

    There you have it, folks. I hear people telling me they tried and didn’t get it, and still get charged for their trouble.

    Can you say scam? I knew you could!

  8. Whammy Says:

    thank you all for your input. saved me the complete hassle of even bothering with that “offer”, no matter how desperate i am for a laptop. I should also add that I have had personal experience with several of the required promotions on their “sample list”, and know firsthand what a scam and headache they themselves were. just bad news through and through!


    i need a new laptop 4 my baby girl for school can u guys help me

    • wulfmann Says:

      The only real help I can give in this case is to advise you not to get scammed. If your daughter is very young, I wouldn’t buy a new laptop for her. Get her a 2nd hand starter model. If we are talking about somebody in Jr High or higher, I would check out some Dell models. And get the warrenty proection! I have a Dell and they came out to my home to do any repairs that I needed at no extra cost. I have repaired a few computers in my time and Dells tend to be easier to work on. But only for somebody with experience. Shop around and look for what you can afford. You can get some good deals on eBay, but again, you have to be careful and know what you are looking for.

  10. sodiq Says:

    i want free laptop to continue my studies

  11. sodiq Says:

    i need free laptops

    • wulfmann Says:

      We all do, but the fact is there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch. If something is free, chances are you can’t afford it. Free laptops for filling out questionairs and accepting offers ARE NOT FREE!!! You have to pay for some of those offers, accept massive amounts of SPAM, and put up with a deluge of telemarketers tying up your line. Is that free? NO! It is a scam, plain and simple. I am still waiting for one person, just one, to tell me they actually received a laptop after putting up with all that crap.

      If anybody out there got the free laptop from CrazyFreeLaptops dot Com, please tell us what you got, what you had to put up with, and if it was worth it.

      Still ranting!

  12. melvin lathan Says:

    wow I can’t believe how long this is still going on I just decided to see how it works I’m fully aware you get something for nothing as well as other people are but we still want to be the curious cat that gets ran over and now i get calls from some crazy area code and no one says anything. I wonder how these companies even exist? I do feel a little stupid for giving my email and cell phone but just like anything else stupid I ignore it

  13. melvin lathan Says:

    I meant to say you don’t get something for nothing as well as others should know

  14. melvin lathan Says:

    just to clear up my statement I meant to say that you don’t get something for nothing if it’s to good to be true it really is

  15. christian Says:

    This is so true I never got my laptop either… Sad thing is that I need one for college when I start in the fall of this year

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