Superman Movie

Sooner or later Warner Bros will get off their asses and make the next Superman movie. Why it takes so long between movies, I dunno. The real drag is that they will no doubt skrimp on the action and pump up the drama. Now, to be sure, a lot of movies would profit from that strategy, but not a super-hero flick. People want to see Supes go at it hammer and tongs against super-human beasties and aliens. Lex Luther has been done to death, resurrected, and done to death again! Metallo is a one trick pony, but team him up with another bad-ass, other than Parasite (the power-loss thing is a drag) and get at least two good ten-minute trash-the-city battles and you will get better audience response to the movie. Super-heroes have super fights. Marvel movies seem to get this, somewhat. Now if only WB would figure it out as well.

An observation, not a rant.


One Response to “Superman Movie”

  1. Brother Says:

    hehe! when i was a kid i used to play daydreaming games as JLA members with my two dearest cousins but i was second in age and in rank of command. i always had to be the Batman, younger one should be Flash all the time and big brother was always the boss and the Superman. he was always the one to kiss the girls and become the hero and we always were doing hard things. that way i never came to like Superman the way i fell in love with Batman’s way of life and believes. his movies are much more exiting to me! specially the new series of them with my man Christian bail as the dark knight!

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