What the Bleep is Telepathy?

For centuries, numerous people have claimed to possess the arcane ability to read thoughts and/or perform certain mental tricks. Generally, this type of “telepathy” is utilized as a magical act or sideshow attraction practiced by entertainers or charlatans. Often, the mentalist or stage magician will sit on stage wearing a blindfold while his attractive, and often scantily clad, assistant asks the members of the audience to hold up something for the mentalist to identify: “Oh, sir, why not hold up that lucky rabbit’s foot and the Great Mentallo will identify it.” Easy deception to pull off if the assistant is wearing a hidden microphone tuned to a receiver in the Great Mentallo’s ear. With so many charlatans and conmen claiming to possess psychic powers, it is easy to dismiss it all as bogus.

If telepathy does in fact exist, by what means would it function? What is the mechanism by which thoughts could be perceived and understood by a second party? It is commonly understood that all living things possess an electro-magnetic field that surrounds them. This field, called a “Kirlian Aura,” named for Samyon Kirlian who discovered the field in the late 1930’s through photography. This electro-magnetic field can act like a “mood ring”, which is to say a person’s state of mind is observable through changes in the aura. Color and field size can be altered in relation to the subject’s mental state. There have been instances where a person’s electro-magnetic field is so strong it would interfere with the workings of a wind-up watch. Because of the body’s natural electro-magnetic energy electronics technicians wear equipment designed to “ground” the technician, thus preventing his E-M field from damaging the sensitive equipment on which he is working.

Consider the radio, which is a device that receives transmitted electro-magnetic waves, interprets them, and broadcasts these waves as sound. The human brain, far more complex than any man-made device, might also be able to receive electro-magnetic broadcasts from a human “transmitter.” Persons in close proximity might find that their Kirlian auras overlap, influencing each other and creating a connection by which mental energy could travel. Since the Earth itself generates an electro-magnetic field that overlaps everything on the planet, the range of mental transmissions could be greatly increased by using the earth’s E-M field as a “signal carrier”, allowing mental transmissions to cover vast distances. Every living, thinking being is a potential mental transmitter.
Reception is the problem. While every living, thinking thing can transmit thoughts by means of electro-magnetic fields, not everyone can receive and interpret the mental waves. Like radio channels, each brain would have its own frequency. Without being able to tune in on the right “station”, mental, or psychic, communication would not be possible. There have been studies that suggest identical twins can “share a frequency” to the point that they might feel each other’s physical pain or emotional state even over extended distances. Given this possibility, it could also be possible that some brains are capable of “changing the station,” allowing them to tune in on other mental frequencies, either consciously or subconsciously.

Another interesting thing in human physiognomy that might effect telepathic ability is the presence of “Brain Crystals”, microscopic crystals of magnetite synthesized in the brain. Dr. Joseph Kirschvink, a professor at the California Institute of Technology, first publicly described these magnetic crystals on May 12, 1992. In many U. S. newspapers, the geobiologist was quoted as saying, “he believed that magnetite crystals enabled animals from bees to whales to navigate by using the Earth’s magnetic field.” If animals can use these magnetic brain crystals for navigation, a sentient life form might be able to use them for telepathic communication.
Mental communication might take different forms. Direct thought communication where thoughts and ideas can be shared gets the most play in science fiction. Empathy, the psychic connection that allows one person to feel another persons emotions or physical pain has been commonly linked to twins and close relations. The book “Twin Telepathy – The Psychic Connection” by Guy Lyon Playfair gives several examples of telepathic connections between twins. The shocks experienced by one sibling would register on lie detection equipment attached to the second sibling, even though they were out of visual and audible range of each other.

Prognostication could be another type of telepathic activity. As previously stated, the Earth possesses an electro-magnetic field that overlaps and connects every living creature, animal and vegetable, on the planet. That means the movements of everything within that field could be felt or received by everything else within the same field. A brain capable of receiving and interpreting all the signals of the entire planet, or even within a limited area, could collate this data on a subconscious level and extrapolate future events based on the actions of everything that is happening in the present. The accuracy of the prediction would depend on several factors: the area size in which the person is collating the data, the scope of the data being analyzed, and the power of the brain receiving the information.
Numerous scientists have studied the Kirlian aura for decades. Russian scientists especially have studied the Kirlian aura since the mid 1960s. Their research has shown that the Kirlian aura can indicate disease by fluctuations in the aura long before medical science can diagnose it. Amputated limbs still manifest in the aura as if they were still there. The brightest flares appear at locations on the body commonly recognized as acupuncture points. Perhaps most significant is the fact that flare patterns arc substantially in relation to changes in weather and with cosmic disturbances such as solar flares. Weather patterns and solar activity are electro-magnetic at their foundations, as is the Kirlian aura, suggesting a connection between the individual and the world he or she lives in. Like living two-way radios, these signals are transmitted and received by the entire planet, and, perhaps, beyond.

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Thought I would do something different. What? I’m only allowed to rant?


3 Responses to “ESP”

  1. Dr Don Zarlenga Says:

    Nice explanation based on what is known today.

    If indeed dark matter exists as I have proposed – abstract on an upload. They are extremely small and can not be seen by current technology. Technology takes down to 10-18. I propose that these small “particles” or high-frequency wavelets are closer to 10-30 or smaller. They have gravity and when two of them get too close the gravity curve switches on a continuous curve to negative. All this causes fluctuations across the universe. They may be the source of other fields that exist through all matter and perhaps other energy fields. The big-bang, as I see it, was a massive collection of these particles that fluctuated too closely leading to very high energy from the negative gravity, was unstable and hence exploded with a space time continuity. The most distant objects are accelerating because of the huge mass of these small particles and the corresponding huge collective gravitational force (causing a red shift otherwise unexplainable).

    It is mere guessing to suggest that the energy waves connecting all mass from the dark matter can be moderated by other energy fields with which they may interact. Once this is shown to be true, then we have a mechanism to transmit energy fields from life forms on the carrier waves of the dark matter. So distance of interaction would be explained. This of course is all a guess – not enough is known yet. But we do know that dark matter/energy exists. My model uses that to solve several unexplainable phenomena in the universe.

    Another web site of mine (personal stuff):

    Please feel free to explore my proposal on these particles in one of the mensa site uploads. Not sure if it is mensalive or mensascholars.

    I am interested in you feed back. My education includes a doctorate in theoretical physics. I have many other interests that I have studied – I enjoy understanding how things work such as cells (histolotgy), etc.

    Good day my friend, Don

  2. Dr Don Zarlenga Says:

    I have also experience telepathy or ESP or what ever one calls it since my early teens. Reading minds, receiving messages from afar. I tested this in the nineties with one woman in Palo Alto, CA and one in Slovania. They were able to receive exact images and messages that I focused on sending from a meditative state.

    I have (and played devils advocate) healed many people from serious issues. This is a long story. Most of them were considered impossible by the medical community but they could not explain what I did – perhaps I just channeled energy from these fields we have yet to discover through me into the patient. These form a long story.

    People have gotten angry with me for reading their minds. They claim I am violating their privacy. One has this capability as well. She told me once when I moved to Costa Rica near her “you are not getting in my mind any more.”

    I tried to explain mind reading. Perhaps my mind knows the person well enough to form a model of their reactions, behaviors etc. that when they are present something, the model in my mind chooses a though that has a high probability of being their very action or thought.

    These “reads” seem to come instantaneously without consciously trying to read someone’s mind or predict a behavior. So I have not formed a good explanation for this from many decades of experiences.

    Feel free to critic or respond.

    Cyber friend from Mensa

  3. wulfmann Says:

    Frankly, I neither believe nor dis-believe in the existance of mind-to-mind communication. For me this was an exercise in expository writing for a college class. I was inspired by the movie “What the Bleep Do We Know?” as should be obvious from my title. I keep an open mind. I also read a lot of comic books which I think stimulates my imagination. I like to look for ways in which super-heroes would be possible. Frankly, very few are. For Superman to be as strong as he is supposed to be he would have to come fom a planet larger than our sun. As such, a humanoid form is quite impossible. John Burns shifted from gravity based to Psi-based ability. Nice try, really, but the energy output involved in flying through sheer force of will would power a small city.

    But I like to keep an open mind, too. Maybe brains can act like radio transmitters and receivers. In some ways that would be cool, in other ways it would be everybody’s worst nightmare. We all have things locked away in our skulls that we would rather not be seen by third parties. Hell, there’s stuff in mine even I don’t want to see!

    Dr. Zarlengo has an interesting thought on the ESP thing. I’ll have to check it out.

    Der Wolf

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