Virus Proof OS?

Why does a computer operating system have to be in the form of loadable software? Software that seems to take more and more RAM, for that matter? Software that is vulnerable to viruses and file corruption.
Now, here is a wacky thought. Why not create a hard-wired version that can be installed in the form of a PCI card? The basic OS runs from the card, which is read only, leaving the hard-drive free for more storage. Granted, some OS files would go on the hard-drive…mostly supporting system files for other software like Word, Excel, that sort of thing, but the primary OS would be virus-proof. It would be impossible to prevent the system from booting up no matter what other bug got on it. The RAM could be installed directly onto the card, separate from the rest of the system, making it unlikely the OS would suffer slowdowns common to minimal RAM systems.
But what about upgrades? What about them? Most upgrades are for security, something a hard-card wouldn’t need. Wanna go to a new OS? Just pull the card and install the next version. Your data on the hard-drive doesn’t have to be wiped and re-installed. This would also block piracy. Copy a disc, easy, copy a PCI card, not so much.
Now, if I can think of this I can’t believe Microsoft hasn’t. If they have, why aren’t they putting it out there? If they haven’t, well, then you heard it here first.

Not a Rant…a Solution.



4 Responses to “Virus Proof OS?”

  1. Woof Says:

    The problem now is they are creating viruses to attack the BIOS. So they can still get in before you boot an OS.

    But you could take a look at which is similar to what you are looking for.


    • wulfmann Says:

      An excellent point, but I submit that it would still be a step forward. How does MAC avoid this problem?

      Der Wolf

  2. Tony Says:

    Hey Wolf, I like that Idea about a hard card for the OS would make a lot of pc techs head aches go away…

  3. Brother Says:

    the problem is, the entire technology is not moving on simultaneously. in the last ten years processors got almost 50 times faster but motherboards are not more than ten and those at the edge are so expensive. processors are working with internal registers and addresses to calculate their job, that’s why cash memory is getting bigger and bigger every day and now we have even three stage cashes in our processors. the OS core codes are those which are always needed to work with and if you put them on a slow PCI card you are just making a bottle neck for your process procedure that will suffer you CPU with lake of in time information it needs. as long as our motherboards and other stuff are not as fast as our CPUs it will not make a prefect solution but if that happens it will be a worth of shot idea.

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