Geek Squad Blues

I keep seeing the commercials for Best Buy’s “Geek Squad” and it pisses me off to no end. Why? Simple: The Geek Squad ruined my LapTop computer a few years ago.

To start at the beginning, I had bought a Toshiba Satellite computer from Best Buy some years ago. It took a few tweaks over time, but the 3 year warranty covered all that. Until it ran out. OK, no biggie, I know quite a bit about repairing computers. Well, one day I dropped the LapTop and damaged it significantly. I couldn’t afford to pay somebody else to fix it, so I found a similar model on eBay being sold “as-is” (sellers term for a broken item.) Well, the main trouble with it is that the hard-drive was gone and the screen was cracked. No problem! I bought it, received it, and proceeded to take apart the two units and made one good functional LapTop. Yay!

It worked fairly well, especially with the extra RAM I culled from the eBay unit. After a few weeks it started acting twitchy. Well, I looked it over and couldn’t find the problem. So, I took it to Best Buy and told them they had authorization to do $200.00 worth of work. I paid my $59.00 deposit and waited for it to come back. When it came back the bill was for $265.00. I gave them what-for and they dropped it to the authorized price. I was pretty happy with that…

…until four months later when it fried out the motherboard. Now, I couldn’t imagine why that happened, so I took it to a different repairman. Guess what? The Geek Squad had screwed a wire down onto the motherboard (catching wire between screw head and board) causing a short to the system. Now, call me crazy (lots of people do) but it seemed to me that the Geek Squad should reimburse me for their mistake.


Their position was that it took more than 90 days to develop the problem, so they weren’t responsible. Come again? If you put something back together improperly, you are responsible no matter how it takes for your error to become apparent. Well, obviously I couldn’t afford the lawyer to sue them, so I was stuck for the repair cost to fix their mistake. Since then I have not taken anything to the Geek Squad to be fixed. In fact it is a very rare occasion for me to walk into Best Buy at all. I don’t think I’ve been in one in the last two years.

I still have the LapTop though I rarely use it since I got my Dell. I like Dell repairmen WAY better than Best Buy Geeks! The Toshiba usually gets lent out to people who need one for school or what-ever. Still works fine since getting it repaired outside of Best Buy, too.

So stay away from the Geek Squad! You can’t afford their “services”.

Wolf Rant!



2 Responses to “Geek Squad Blues”

  1. Salil Says:

    The only time you should be going to geek squad is hardware problems and in your case you got screwed like i did. Unfortunately i got stuck going there for a virus and they ripped me off as usual. $180 to remove the virus……i could have bought half a new pc from dell at that price. Anyway worked fine for a week then the virus was back!!!! called them up and told them i expect them to fix it for free and they said that a week was too long and i could have gotten a new virus on my own! I hate these guys. did some googling and found this company (boxaid) that removes viruses over the internet….they nailed me for another $90 but i refuse to pay another dime to those bas***ds at geek squad.

  2. wulfmann Says:

    I hate nothing more than defending those @$$-holes, but they are right about how it could be a new virus. Lesson? Never EVER go to Geek Squad, especially for viruses.
    Now, here is what you SHOULD do.
    1. make sure you are using a good virus protection package. Do not download a free one as they will provide only minimal protection until you send them some money. AVG will also slow your system down. i took it and a few tool bars off a computer a couple weeks ago and it sped up a LOT.
    2. Make sure the virus protection package is updated on a weekly basis. Basement dwelling nerds who were stood up for the prom are cranking out new viruses every day.
    3. Get Malwarebytes. This is a free adware/spoofware/spyware blocker that also cleans out the threats. This is in addition to a virus protection package, not a replacement for it.

    The lesson here is DO NOT GO TO GEEK SQUAD!!!

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