PB Oil Spill

The recent difficulties with the PB spill are known to all by now. What is not known, apparently, is how to “encourage” them to clean up that mess in a timely matter.

I know how.

Boycott BP gas stations until the mess is cleaned up. You better believe that there is no stronger incentive for a major corporation to do the “right thing” than to threaten their bottom line. Moreover, the boycott must be maintained until the families and businesses damaged by the spill are fully compensated for their trouble.

I don’t want your money. I don’t want fame. I want the mess cleaned up yesterday!


3 Responses to “PB Oil Spill”

  1. Sparrowhawk Says:

    Boycotting BP is a nice idea, but not easy. The first step would be boycotting all fuel stations that have the BP logo. That’s obvious. So far, so good.
    But what about the station operators that get their gas by BP, as well ? They don’t fly BP colors, so you never know if there’s not BP inside if you happen to stop by “Fuel station, Mr. Jon Starnes… um… John Doe” (d’OH!) 😉

    • wulfmann Says:

      Sparrowhawk does mane a good point here. However, what else can we do? If even the BO stations we can readily spot lose half their business, it sends a clear message that we won’t stand for this negligence and abuse.

      It has been argued that boycotting BP only puts unbdependent station owners in danger of losing their livelihood. I doubt it. If they really are independent then they can dump the BP franchise and go with somebody else. Also, the stations make more profit on the little stores selling soda and snacks than on the gas itself.

      It all boils down to doing the right thing. If BP can’t or won’t, then we simply can’t support support them.

      Rant? Maybe.


  2. hoppervoz Says:

    Hey Sparrowhawk, Wulfman,

    I read somewhere that the spill itself somehow actually GENERATED income for BP because the lost oil would motivate consumers to buy more in light of an apparent threat of a “shortage.” Not certain whether this is/was true, but if there is any fact behind the claim, is it possible that the spill itself could actually have been a strategic ploy to increase sales? Notice how it took them forever to find a “solution” (if a viable solution has even yet been found), and then, not too long ago, ANOTHER oil rig off the Louisiana cost supposedly catches fire (if I remember the details correctly). Does that not seem somewhat strange? hmmm. I am not a conspiracy theorist by a long shot, but I know that large corporations who are large for a reason aren’t THAT incompetent, and I am also not surprised when said large corporations pull well-publicized tricks for increased revenue. This sort of thing happens all the time.

    I do, however, have some concern for the world environments. It’s a shame that big business not only puts money before protection of natural resources, but also threatens the well being of that environment for the sake of generating more money. I guess the unified motto of these companies is: F*** the world–money is more important!

    By the way, I am in no way saying any of the above is true; I am merely speculating and offering up an OPINION. If anyone should become angry at what I have just written, please remember that everyone has a right to a view and a right to express it. I don’t deliberately show disrespect to others, but I quite often share possible alternate views just the same (notice that I carefully worded my comments with the generalized “big business” instead of specifying an entity? Nope, sorry–no lawsuit there ;-)). Wulfman can feel free to edit as necessary.

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