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Mosque at site of 911 Attack?

August 14, 2010

Well, our president really stepped in it this time. He supports the plan to build a Mosque at the site of the 911 attack. Frankly, I have no problems with mosques, churches, chapels or anything else you want to build anywhere…except here! Think about it…what is the message he’s sending out? Could it be: “Send your extremists over here to blow up our buildings and kill thousands of people and we’ll let you build a monument to those extremists at that location.”

So next the IRA will blow up the Empire State Building and to show we are sensitive to the Irish we’ll let them build a Paddy O’Shay Pub on that site. (I’m 1/2 Irish, I can get away with saying that.) Frankly, I’m not worried about the Irish. I am worried that Osama Inc will target another significant target on American soil, like, say, Lady Liberty, and we’ll let them build another mosque there, or something equally inane! For the record, Muslims are not the problem; Muslim Extremists and self-hating, ass-kissing Americans are.

BTW, I don’t expect any mosque built on that location to survive a week before somebody blows it up. This is going to annoy a hell of a lot of people, not just the 911 survivors and the families of those that died, but Americans in general. And Obama better believe that he won’t have anywhere near the support next election that he had last time around.

Wolf Rant!


eBay Cheats

August 12, 2010

If you own a computer and use the internet, which you obviously do or you wouldn’t be reading this, then chances are you have used eBay, the online auction house. eBay provides a useful service and even simplifies online payments with Paypal. All well and good. The problem is with some of the people who sell items on eBay.

Most of the sellers are good people who give you exactly what you bid on. Some don’t. I have had good dealings and bad. Most recently, I had a ‘bad.’ There is a seller who goes by the name of ‘radiosadness’ ( whom, in my opinion, cheats the buyers. He throws up a bid page designed to make you think he is selling an Acer Monitor for $68.00, no postage fees. Only a couple days later you get a link for a pdf file that downloads a list of wholesale items.


When you go back to check the bid page you notice the title reads “NEW 22 FLAT SCREEN LCD COMPUTER MONITOR WHOSAL£ ¦IST”. The characters £ ¦ in place of the e & l are clearly designed to confuse the item. But he goes a step further, he adds “Wholesale List” way down on the page in yellow letters that are easy to miss in the white background. Here is the link so you can see for yourself:

Naturally, his feedback is all kept private so you can’t see the warnings from previous victims.

This came in the e-mail he sent me below the link for the useless wholesale list (which doesn’t even have a price guide!):

All sales are final and no refund in generally but we do have cases where
we do consider a refund upon request . Decision of refund processing is absolute
discretion of refund department.

Many buyers have raised EBAY DISPUTE ‘Item Not As Described’ because they
have not read the description of the listing properly and have mistakenly
thought that this is a physical goods.PLEASE DO NOT RAISE ANY EBAY DISPUTE!!! This list
has undergone years of research and we have spend huge amount of investment
in our R&D team. Sad to say , due to the new EBAY 100% buyer protection policy,
many buyers have abuse it and used it to raise dispute to get this list
publication for free.

We have lost alot of EBAY DISPUTES ‘Item Not As Described’ to buyers trying
to get our list for free , this is not fair as we have spend lots of money
in R&D for this wholesale list.
But yet alot of buyers have mistakenly bought it thinking that it is the
item in the picture. We are truly selling a list containing valueble supplier
information that can bring profit for you
and generate a lot of money for businesses. Buyers please not to raise any
EBAY dispute as we have delivered as promised.If you have bought this wrongly
please revisit item description.

Apparently, he has done this before and REALLY doesn’t want to get eBay involved in a claim. Too bad for him.

If you have been screwed like this in the past, or you are concerned it could happen in the future, why don’t you send eBay a message telling them what you think of this practice? I have already filed a claim with eBay.

One other interesting tidbit…his list isn’t copyrighted. So that means I can copy and distribute this (useless) list all I want and he can’t do a thing about it. Well, if I don’t get my refund, I will do exactly that for free! It’s a useless piece of $#!+, but he seems to think highly of it.

This has been a public service blog.

Why Isn’t The Flash Rich?

August 3, 2010

Comics have become, over time, more realistic in many ways. Superman finally, after a 70 odd years courtship, married Lois Lane. Green Lantern dumped that ridiculous weakness to yellow. Speedy, Green Arrow’s old sidekick, had a relapse of drug abuse. I ignore the Marvel characters here because they were always at the other extreme: so many realistic problems at once that it became unrealistic!
Now, Batman was born rich, Superman is rich whether he admits it or not (c’mon, private fortress, private zoo, exotic technologies…yeah, he’s loaded!) But the Flash, in all his various incarnations has always been middle class. Oh, sure, Wally West won the lottery only to have his mother lose it all (they never really explained that one to my satisfaction) but Barry and Jay were both scientists making a decent wage, though far from the big bucks.
Lets look at their powers (Jay Garrick, Barry Allen, Wally West and Bart Allen); Super-speed. Now what could you or me do with super speed to get rich? Forget about the Olympics. Unfair competition and heroes don’t play that. Otherwise Superman would be the greatest linebacker ever! But simple stuff that doesn’t compete with somebody else making a living is certainly fair game. So, Barry misses a balloon payment and is about to be foreclosed on…what could he do to make up the shortfall? Well, he could get a job delivering pizzas…for every pizza joint in Central City and Keystone City at once! No overhead, like a car and gas, instant delivery (really, instant!) and the tips would be huge! He would have to stop off at home every few minutes to drop off the money to keep from being weighed down. But that might be considered unfair to the regular pizza delivery drivers.
OK, pick up cans and bottles on the side of the road. Yup! The Flash could clean up every inch of the State of Michigan in about 20 minutes. That would be several millions cans and bottles a day. At 10 cents a pop in Michigan he’d be giving Bruce Wayne a run for it by the end of the month. Oh, sure, he has to take time out to sleep, work his day job and spend time with the Mrs., not to mention putting the kibosh on Captain Cold or Captain Boomerang or what have you, but this is a guy who thinks Mach 5 is a leisurely jog. He can make the time up in nano-seconds. And I’ll bet there are no tax penalties on returnables.
There are other things he could do, like paint a million houses, but I think I’ve made my point. Hey, Barry, go pick up some spare change!

Just for fun.

Der Wolf