Mosque at site of 911 Attack?

Well, our president really stepped in it this time. He supports the plan to build a Mosque at the site of the 911 attack. Frankly, I have no problems with mosques, churches, chapels or anything else you want to build anywhere…except here! Think about it…what is the message he’s sending out? Could it be: “Send your extremists over here to blow up our buildings and kill thousands of people and we’ll let you build a monument to those extremists at that location.”

So next the IRA will blow up the Empire State Building and to show we are sensitive to the Irish we’ll let them build a Paddy O’Shay Pub on that site. (I’m 1/2 Irish, I can get away with saying that.) Frankly, I’m not worried about the Irish. I am worried that Osama Inc will target another significant target on American soil, like, say, Lady Liberty, and we’ll let them build another mosque there, or something equally inane! For the record, Muslims are not the problem; Muslim Extremists and self-hating, ass-kissing Americans are.

BTW, I don’t expect any mosque built on that location to survive a week before somebody blows it up. This is going to annoy a hell of a lot of people, not just the 911 survivors and the families of those that died, but Americans in general. And Obama better believe that he won’t have anywhere near the support next election that he had last time around.

Wolf Rant!


6 Responses to “Mosque at site of 911 Attack?”

  1. Sparrowhawk Says:

    Hm… we have a Central Council of Muslims over here (just as we have a Central Council of Jews), and on that terrible 9/11, all the CCoM did was… remaining silent. “Muslim extremist” terrorist attacks have been carried out since, and the CCoM… remained silent. No demonstration, no “Stop abusing the name of God / Allah for your crimes”, just a big silence.

    Sometimes, I wonder if it’s not just unspoken, silent agreement and support for those crimes.

  2. Hoppervoz Says:

    Hey Wolf,

    I am all for freedoms. However, in this particular case, the decision to build near this hallowed ground is, or should be, and exception to the case. Yes, perhaps Muslims in general were not responsible for the 9/11 (news), but the mosque in question does serves as the religious facility to those who WERE responsible. Allowing them to build there would be the same as negating and showing some disrespect regarding the importance and memory of the attacks from 9 years ago. A mosque near or on the site would be viewed by the Taliban as a flag of conquest.

    Also, doesn’t it seem funny how the Muslims chose THIS general location to build their mosque? Why? Yes, the citizens have a right to do so, but that doesn’t mean they have to build there. What motivated proposal in the first place? I have to question that motive? (and, to a degree, that is rhetorical).

    Another thought pertains to why Obama granted the Muslims permission. In witnessing this, Muslims abroad would show appreciation by allowing Christian expansion in the middle east without persecution (although I would find that questionable as well). This whole incident, with Obama’s involvement, isn’t as much about rights as it is about politics and working toward reducing hostilities between the U.S. and the said middle east. Just a possibility. Still, many Americans continue to grumble over it, so new conflicts have started.


    Take care!

  3. wulfmann Says:

    Frankly, I have become convinced that Americans are the biggest self hating ass-kisser’s in the solar system. We get attacked by Muslim Extremists and yet our government wants to put a mosque on the site of the greatest atrocity of the 21st century. Some years back somebody wanted to make 9/11 a holiday. A HOLIDAY! Well, I was against that, too. What would we call it…Osama bin Laden day? Might as well, because that is what you would be celebrating.
    So let’s review: attack us and we put up a monument to your people. To show our equality we frisk the 90 year-old Jewish woman at the airport. I’m getting nostalgic for the Patriot Act, and I HATED that insult to our Constitution.
    I have heard that Islam is supposed to be such a beautiful religion, yet Shiara Law cheerfully allows, no, ENCOURAGES the murder of women for infractions that wouldn’t even get the attention of the average American or European. Check a previous post where an Iranian gentleman listed off some of the benchmarks of the Muslim culture.
    I would like to say “STOP THE MADNESS”, but really we need to “STOP THE STUPIDITY!”

  4. Hoppervoz Says:

    I hear what you’re saying–Americans constantly go off claiming that the United States is “the greatest country in the world,” and yet they allow themselves to be perceived as pansies. The United States, as powerful a nation it is or as many of its citizens perceive it to be, is constantly placed in a choke hold by outside threats or by its own politics and/or laws. That’s unfortunate, but what is the cause–an entity or condition outside the box or on something entirely inside, or both?

    I don’t think 9/11 should be a holiday, but I am all for a tribute to that event and all those who died. A holiday typically celebrates someone or something; a tribute serves to pay homage and respect. The latter is by far more appropriate. Should we have a 9/11 Day to show a remembrance toward those who died or would a simply insistence that the Ground Zero site be left alone, as it is, with no further building there?

    I am all for respecting and advocating rights, but this goes deeper and serves as far more an indication of American pride than anything in a long time (save for the Statue of Liberty, among other things). By allowing this, we are telling others and ourselves that we have no pride and that those deaths mean absolutely nothing.

    What I propose, however, is that, instead of singling out the Muslems, the government pass a law that dictates that NO ONE is allowed to build within a certain distance of that site, except those who were already there, such as the owners of the Greek Orthodox church who are still wading through the ongoing red tape to rebuild. This way, the law applies to EVERYBODY and not just a certain group. It’s not like this would be an unusual law to enact because Americans have had legal restrictions placed on their rights before in light of other considerations or extenuating circumstances. Ground Zero is hallowed ground and should be acknowledged as such in every sense of the word.

    Murdering women for infractions? And many people impugn capital punishment as being excessive or inhuman in nature. What infraction could possibly be so severe that a woman should lose her life over it? I respect cultures–I am a student of cultures–but I am compelled to ask.

    The world is FILLED with stupidity, my friend. Nothing is likely ever going to change in that regard, at least not anytime soon. If anything, things are likely to get WORSE!

    By the way, what is the word so far on the building of that Muslem center? Is it still being considered and/or debated, or is it underway?


  5. Hoppervoz Says:

    Ooops! I forgot to correct it. The word should be spelled “Muslims.” My error. Sorry.


  6. Wolf Says:

    A muslim woman, under Shiara law, can be “Honor Killed” for adultry. marrying a non-Muslim, not submitting to husband or fathers will, and other equally ludicrous reasons. For a fuller understanding, please refer to an earlier post titled A Letter From Iran, written by an Iranian citizen who is trying to get away from there.

    As for the Mosque, I have just learned that it is actually being built two blocks from ground zero. Annoying, but not the red ticket item I was prepered to dig my heals in over.

    As for the site itself, I would like to see either a total rebuild reaching up to the sky, or a park in honor of those that died there. For me, there is no middle ground.

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