Legalized Marijuana

On November 2nd California will vote on Proposition 19, which could legalize marijuana in that state. Not just for medical use, but recreational, same as tobacco and alcohol. It’s about damn time! The real question is: Why isn’t it legal already?

I’ll tell you why. The answers may surprise you.

There are several organizations that do not want to see it legal and have fought tooth and nail to keep it that way. Who are these organizations?

1. Tobacco industry. They flat out do not want the competition. The Death Merchants hate the idea of a less lethal product cutting in on their profit margin. And make no mistake; tobacco is far more dangerous than pot.
2. Alcohol industry. Same as tobacco they don’t want the competition. Why do you think it is illegal to have a still? And booze does more damage to the body than pot. I am not saying marijuana doesn’t have its own pitfalls, but booze manufacturers are in no position to throw stones.
3. Police. Believe it. Confiscations from drug busts are a billion dollar industry. Not the drugs which have to be destroyed (or so they tell us), but the homes, cars and other property grabbed up as assets to the crime. Not to mention the cash. Lots and lots of cash.
4. Organized crime. Now this should not be surprising. Like bootleggers back in the 20’s during Prohibition, they make BILLIONS every year…as long as it is illegal. Better believe they want to keep it that way.
5. Cotton industry. Surprised? Don’t be. The same laws that keep the evil weed illegal also prohibit the growing and sales of hemp on American soil, even though George Washington, our first President, grew it. Hemp makes stronger, more durable fabric than cotton.
6. Pesticide industry. Yup! Why? Because cotton needs pesticides to keep the boll weevils from destroying the crops, hemp doesn’t. If cotton goes down, so does a lot of the pesticide industry.

Now, I want you to take notice that none of the above six give a rat’s ass about the effects of marijuana or its impact on your health. It is strictly about their bottom line. They fought to keep it from being legalized medicinally as that is a stepping stone to what California is trying to do. That brings us to:

7. Pharmaceutical industry. They are actually concerned about your health, and they want to be the only caretakers of it…for a price. They want to sell you their medications and unguents and bill you or your HMO. What they do NOT want to see is you growing your own medicinal aids in your backyard. Pot helps with appetite, pain management and other things normally addressed by costly pharmaceuticals. And with fewer side effects if the warning labels on prescription drugs are true. It was a huge victory just to get pot classed as medicinal! Don’t be surprised if you see it packaged like cigarettes and sold in a pharmacy before long.

There you have it, the evil seven that want to put their own interests above your health and personal freedoms. Personally, I don’t like smoking weed, or anything else, for that matter. I don’t have the lungs for it. Nor do I advocate the recreational use of marijuana. But, like alcohol or tobacco, the choice should be up to the individual what they put into their bodies, not the government. Legalize it, tax it, and apply the same regulations to pot that we have on booze and cigarettes. Adults should be trusted to behave like adults until they prove otherwise.

Wolf Rant


4 Responses to “Legalized Marijuana”

  1. Hoppervoz Says:

    Hey Wolf,

    I couldn’t agree with you more. The fact that marijuana’s illegal state is nothing more than a politic move for the sake of appeasing special interest groups is no surprise. I recently posted a story on food contamination and the special interest groups that block investigations: . The similarities leave me tongue-in-cheek, but, again, I am not surprised. Probably some of the same groups AND for similar reasons. Health takes a distant ‘second’ to money. Businesses tend to be that way, especially the larger billion-dollar businesses. What would you expect?

    One would think that legalizing marijuana would increase its sale, but that’s not entirely true. Sure, the price would likely be high (constantly increasing, like that of cigarettes and booze), but much of that would go to taxes, which, I’m sure, the involved industries would vehemently detest. The value would ultimately drop, and so would the profit margin. Furthermore, it is suggested that when a commodity is legalized, desire to acquire said commodity wanes, perhaps because the excitement of buying something illegal has been eliminated. This is a psychological theory, however, but it has shown to be true in some cases. On the other hand, look at tobacco and booze . . .

    Interesting article. Thanks for sharing.

    –You-know-who 😉

  2. Sparrowhawk Says:

    Hi Wolf.
    Glad to read another of your fine blogs.

    It’s the same over here: politicians don’t care about the (majority of the) people, but only for the lobbies and pressure groups that ‘lubricate’ them and their parties behind the scenes… which is even wose over here, because our political parties are more powerful. Well, I guess we have no democracy in Germany, but only a party oligarchy in the disguise of a democracy.
    The latest example in Germany: the hotel lobby paid some ‘party donations’ and whoops! they got something the rest of us didn’t get – i.e. the VAT which hotels have to pay was lowered.
    When this was criticised, the politicians denied that the donations were the reasons why the hotel taxes were lowered… they said “Politics cannot be bought”… maybe, but politicians can, and they willingly sell.

    OK, enough of ranting ;).

    As to your article… well-written, and to the point. Weed might be helpful in many fields, but certain lobbies and pressure groups are against it, and they pay their politicians well to act on their behalf…

    Lobbycracy everywhere……

  3. Wolf Says:

    Naturally, lobbyists rule the world. “Do what we want or you won’t get elected. BTW, how would you like a nice beach house in Malibu?” I think lobbying should be outlawed, and politicians accepting bribes for special considerations should be shot as traitors to the public they are supposed to serve. There is one ass-hole over here pushing for a 23% sales tax so that the rich can get a tax break. If this ass-hole gets elected, I’m moving to Canada.

  4. Sparrowhawk Says:

    The Prussian king Frederic II (“the Great”) once said, “Why should I give my staff a decent payment ? They’re getting decent bribes, already…” That was in the 18th century… now, politicians get both – good payment and good bribes.
    BTW not only politicians should be punished for corruption, but their lobbyists, as well.

    The biggest (bitterest) joke over here is that our Constitutional Court advised our parliament to pass an Anti-Corruption Act for the members of parliament some years ago. Until now, nothing has happened, because our delegates agree to two things almost unanimously: refusing to pass this law is one of them (the other one is raising their salaries). Anti-corruption is only applied to the low administration levels.
    So, if an unimportant civil servant who works in the town hall gets caught accepting a whatsoever small thankyou gift (even if it’s just a pen for 50 cents), anti-corruption steps will be taken, and he will be removed or transferred to another place, but if a politician accepts thankyou gifts worth thousands of euros, no matter if money or other things, and no matter if the money is paid to his account or to that of his party, nothing will happen.

    I guess hemp therapy is the only effective way to cure this political cancer… make’em dance the hampen jig……. 😉

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