Hostile Hostel on eBay

How many people out there fancy themselves to be writers but can’t get published? Well, I am trying an experiment in self publishing. I wrote a short story titled Hostile Hostel and posted it on eBay. Yup, eBay. It is listed as a Buy It Now for $1.00, and I email it to the bidder. I just listed it like five minutes ago, so there hasn’t been time for any hits, but I am hopeful.

So why am I trying this? Why not? Somebody has to be first (at least I don’t think anybody else came up with this idea.) I am trying to finance another writing project and this seemed like a novel approach (get it? Novel? Oy!)

If you want to check out the listing, just type Hostile Hostel in the search bar. It should be the only hit that comes up. If this works out, I have a few other works I could post.

Comments are welcome.

Not a rant…this time.



2 Responses to “Hostile Hostel on eBay”

  1. CW64 Says:

    Thanks for the notice, Wolf. I’ll take a look. I question self-publishing for several reasons, but I do realize that it does have its uses and advantages.

    One dollar? That should be attractive. Do you plan on selling more than one copy or just once to the person with the most appealing bid? (the word “bidder” suggests that only one person will receive it). I ask because $1.00 isn’t really that lucrative. If you sell a number of copies for $1,00, you can make more and disseminate your work to a wider range of readers. It’s sounds like an innovative strategy. If said readers like the story and ask for more, you can up the cost of future work.

    I’ll take a look and see what’s going on with it. Thanks.

    Good luck. Heaven knows we ALL can use a bit of that. 😉


  2. wulfmann Says:

    Actually, there is no real limit to how many can go out. As it cost over a dollar to set up the bid page, I really need to sell multiple copies. I do ask the the buyers not share their copy, though. I am trying to finance a whole book and pirated copies would kill what few sales I can expect to get.

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