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Improper Procedure

February 8, 2011

There is something very wrong with our justice enforcement system. Last Saturday around 3 AM my son was pulled over for swerving while driving. He wasn’t intoxicated, just tired from working all day and all night. The cop checks him out, finds that my son is on parole, and that there is a no driving restriction set by his parole officer. So, he sits in jail until Monday morning when he is released (they found that the restriction was a mistake) and has to get a ride home. I am stuck trying to get up $126.00 to get my car out of impound right away. Fees go up each day the car stays in the impound lot. So, I have to get money wired from my mother, who is not feeling well but goes to the bank anyway, we get smacked with a $30 wire fee ($15 at each end of the transfer. What a racket!) and I go get my car out, drive out to collect my son, drive to the police station where they have his personal effects, then drive out to the PO to get this all straightened out. Fine. We are out $165.00, the gas to go back and forth, and the tow truck busted my hood ornament.

Now, who do I take to court to get my money back? What kind of system of justice pulls this shit without something in place to make restitution?

Wolf rant!