Osama’s bin Laden Out

Unless you live in a cave under a big rock in Timbuktu, you have to have heard about Osama bin Laden. The last thing to go through his mind was a 5.56 full metal jacket round. YAY! So they buried him at sea. Too bad. That’s a long way to go to piss on his grave. Personally, they should have shoved a Polish sausage up his ass, cremated him, then had that guy from Seinfeld screem “No Houris for you” at the ashes. Still, dead is dead and I doubt Allah has any favourable plans for morally deficient corpse, so now we can get back to other important things, like finding Obama’s birth certificate.

This is all I will say on the matter because the rat bastard deserves to languish in forgotten limbo. ‘Sama, not ‘Bama, that is.

Now excuse me. I need to put that roll of toilet paper with Osama’s face on it to good use. Rot in hell you baby killing, airplane stealing, renal failing cock-sucker!

Ahhhh…feeling groovy!



2 Responses to “Osama’s bin Laden Out”

  1. BW64 Says:

    Ah, it would have happened sooner or later. Time has a way of straightening things out.

    I am not one who typically is happy about killing, but, as it was with Hitler, the death of OBL denotes a change in the ongoing game plan (of course, whatever that is, I am not sure, but rest assured, whatever will happen will be better than before because of it).

    Be aware, though: his associates’ hostilities toward the U.S. of A. will not disappear all of a sudden despite the death of their leader; they will continue, although for how much longer, no one knows.

    In any case, this news update serves as great inspiration for a post on my other blog–one that is long overdue.

    By the way, I thought Obama shared his birth certificate recently. Did I miss something? Well, I haven’t been living in some cave in Timbuktu, but I HAVE had my head buried in other more demanding issues lately, so that would likely explain it.

    Thanks for sharing, Wolf. I am sure the entire world is taking a universal sigh of relief on this one.

    Take care.


  2. Sparrowhawk Says:

    Not the entire one, for there are morons who pledge revenge.

    I, for my part, think that bin Laden’s demise is certainly no loss for mankind.

    BTW, I heard the mermaids, led by Arielle, are protesting against his burial at sea… Arielle said that it was a case for the toxic waste department.. 😉

    Greetings from the Old World.

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