Fuzzy Ergo Sum Review

This was too good not to share.

Fuzzy Ergo Sum

Lately there’s been something of a vogue for posthumous sequels to classic SF works. (This sort of thing happens every few decades, often when the economy turns sour and publishers are looking for “sure things” that don’t require massive payments to living big-name authors.)
H. Beam Piper’s original 1962 novel Little Fuzzy is one of the most beloved books in the field. And since Piper and his heirs weren’t careful about the arcane copyright registration procedures of the time, the book is now in the public domain (i.e.: anyone can write a sequel without owing Piper’s heirs one red cent).
This isn’t the first Little Fuzzy sequel; the history of the series is convoluted at best. Piper himself wrote one direct sequel, Fuzzy Sapiens (1964). Much later, Ace Books continued the series with Fuzzy Bones by William Tuning (1981). Golden Dream: A Fuzzy Odyssey by Ardath Mayhar (1982) retells the original story from the viewpoint of the alien Fuzzies.
Subsequently, a lost manuscript for a third Fuzzy novel was discovered among Piper’s papers; it was published in 1984 as Fuzzies and Other People. The events of this book contradicted those in Fuzzy Bones (of course), so the latter book is considered as part of an alternate universe.
To make matters even more confusing, by the time you read this Tor will have published Fuzzy Nation by John Scalzi, which is supposed to “reboot” the whole Little Fuzzy universe and start over from the beginning.
And where does Fuzzy Ergo Sum fit in? It picks up where Fuzzies and Other People left off, continuing the story of explorer Jack Halloway (who discovered the Fuzzies), CEO Victor Grego, and Little Fuzzy himself. It’s been a quiet few years on the peaceful planet Zarathustra, but now a new bureaucrat touches down on an unexplained mission. Then Zarathustra’s worst criminal escapes from jail, the Chief Prosecutor is kidnapped, and the Fuzzies and their human friends have more than enough problems to deal with.
Of all the commissioned sequels, Wolfgang Diehr’s most captures the voice of H. Beam Piper. One gets the feeling that he is a fan of Piper, and he’s also a good enough writer to pull off the right mix of homage and originality.
At $38.00 the hardcover is pretty steep, but the e-book is well worth the asking price.


How cool is that? Of course, I am the only non-Piper writer to try to stay completely in the canon, so that may have given me an edge. Still, AWESOME review. Now if it would just translate to sales…

I should point out that I was not commissioned for this book. I started it as a piece of fan-fic back in 2006. It was partially reviewed by my Creative writing class back in 2007. I was asked to get it ready for publication in 2010 by Pequod Press, the number one publisher of Piper related sequels, but a very small firm. Not a giant like Tor.

If you haven’t read “Little Fuzzy” by H. Beam Piper, go to Project Gutenberg and download a free copy. In fact, check out all the other Piper stories while you are there. Well worth the time. Also, try haunting some used book stores for the other Fuzzy Books and the Paratime collection featuring “Lord Kalvan of Otherwhen.”




9 Responses to “Fuzzy Ergo Sum Review”

  1. CW64 Says:

    Congrats, Wolf! I’m glad to hear the good news. I presume you’re going to continue on with future stories in the “Fuzzy” series beyond this?

    As for me, I graduated in 2005, so I regrettably missed your early draft. I look forward to reading what you have conceived and laid out. Sounds exciting!

    By the way, I will post this in my FB writers group and on Chris’ Wall so others can read it too. I didn’t think you’d mind. 😉

    Take care and I look forward to updates on this.


  2. CW64 Says:

    Here you go. Not certain whether or not you’ll be able to access it without first being a friend, but, hey, that won’t take much, perhaps a couple of days to get accepted.


  3. Getting Published Is ALWAYS Possible! « Creatiwriter64's Blog Says:

    […] with regards to draft he had been working on back in 2007. Here is the link to his blog: Fuzzy Ergo Sum Review. He is excited about it and so am […]

  4. Peter Says:

    I’ve known you as a good writer from the days of our participation in the Devil Whiskey adventure, so your publication does not surprise me, at all. I knew it was only a matter of time, until you publish something :).

    Congrats, Wolf.

    Greetings from the Old (sometimes odd) world,

    • wulfmann Says:

      Speaking of the Devil Whiskey game we helped to develope, since Jon Starnes sold off the rights and appears to have skipped off with the money (is that embezzelment?) I am reworking the stories I had developed for the Arcanum into something new and different. As soon as I complete the sequel to Fuzzy Ergo Sum, I will begin work on that and doing an expanded edition of my short story Hostile Hostel. Many people who have read the short told me I should make it longer. the only comments I heard about the Dethstroke and Pehnn stories is “do more!” Love to. But I have to meet my publishing commitments first. I don’t want a rep as a writer who can’t make a deadline.

      Sparrowhawk, a pleasure as always to hear from you.


      • Peter Says:

        Geez, I also have some material over here… material for DW (a series of add-on sidequests), plus things fpr Dark Resurrection, plus the prologue of a story that never made it past the prologue. Working a full-time job doesn’t leave me the time I need to work on fantasy stories elobrately. I had more time for all this when I was working as a freelance instructor of English *harhar*. Shame on me.

        So, enjoy writing and finishing all your projects, along with the well-deserved publication of your work.

        My pleasure. Wolf.

  5. CW64 Says:

    >>I had more time for all this when I was working as a freelance instructor of English *harhar*. Shame on me.<<


    I am all-too-familiar with this. The pay is atrocious and it garners very little respect, but at least I have control over what I do, go by my own hours AND set my own rates for independent clients . . . Still, I'd rather be doing something more lucrative and rewarding. I have a plethora of writing projects on which I touch as time permits (both fiction and non-fiction, but all creative). I wish I could dedicate more time to them, and I will when the time is right, but other obligations come first. Ah, the yen for personal fulfillment!

    Sorry. This has nothing whatsoever to do with Wolf's recent success, but I thought I'd chime in on something with which I can relate.

    Wolf, I totally understand about priorities, believe me. Still, the publishing commitment sounds exciting, so I would surmise it to be less an obligation and more a pleasure.

    As for Hostile Hostel, I remember that and would like to read more when you do have a chance. As for the current feat, please provide a link when it is published. I would certainly find pleasure in reading that as well.



  6. Nik Says:

    Loved the follow-up Wolf–you did an amazing job of sticking closely to Piper’s original, but adding your own spin. It was a pleasure to read. Just curious, as I once altered you to Barns & Noble selling your book when you didn’t know, have you seen this link on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Caveat-Fuzz-Wolfgang-Diehr/dp/0937912220/ref=sr_1_4?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1344836331&sr=1-4 I’m excited to read your next installment, but haven’t heard anything yet so thought this was interesting (July 30th?). Also, please keep the e-books coming from Pequod’s website, as I’m always happier buying straight from them! Best to you & thanks for helping to keep Piper alive!



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