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Dell Screwed Up

December 8, 2011

Some months ago I purchased a new Dell Laptop. It is the Inspiron N7010 17” model. Looks pretty cool, Pentium, Win 7, all that good stuff. Too bad they stuck the stupidest design for a keyboard I have ever seen in it.

What’s so bad about the Keyboard, you ask? Okay, try this; to do a simple Alt+F4 on your keyboard (not while you are in this window, of course.) Two fingers, BOOM, the window closes. Assuming your keys work correctly. Now try that on the Dell Inspiron N7010. The screen gets a little dimmer. Yup. Dimmer. Why?

Dell redesigned the keyboard so that now you have to press the Alt+Fn+F4 keys to do the same job you used to do with two fingers. Again, why? Do they think we need to adjust the brightness of the screen more often than we need to close a window? Well, that just denotes a phenomenal lack of intelligent cogitation.

I, like most sentient computer uses, set my brightness maybe once, then leave it alone. Alt+F4 gets a helluva lot more action. Is it because they needed more space for the keyboard? Nope. They did make the keys a bit larger, which does come in handy for ham-handed individuals like myself, but there is WAY more space to add keys on this model than any laptop I have owned previously…and there have been a LOT of laptops coming through my home. Remember, 17” screen. That means lots of room on the base for expansion. Yet, rather than leave the basic design of the keyboard, which has always worked well enough for me, alone they have to screw around with the layout and force me to use two hands to do the job of one. Remember, big fingers and it is hard to hit those three keys simultaneously with one mitt.

So, why harp about this one model? Is it this one model? Nope. I checked a few other models and they are equally stupid in design.

Notice that I am not harping about faulty hard-drives or bad memory. This sort of thing is rare and Dell gets them from outside sources like Seagate (not my personal first choice, BTW), but the keyboard? That is 100% pure Dell. Even if they did buy them from outside, somebody would have had to look at and try out the damn thing then approve it.

Don’t buy a Dell until they fix this issue. Somebody needs to show them that we won’t just buy any dreck they want to push off on us.

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