Water Water Everywhere…Except Here

For the last month my home has been without water. During a freeze the tank burst. Pretty inconvenient, really. It is your classic “you don’t know what you got ‘til it’s gone.” Now, before you think things have gotten a bit ripe around here, let me say that I have been showering at my son’s place, as well as washing dishes there. I picked up plastic flatware and paper plates to cut down on the dishes, microwave bowls to cook canned food in, and switched to eating more sandwiches instead of cooking. Laundry mats are a plus, too.

My insurance company took a week to approve my claim. Unfortunately, that left me struggling to get the deductable. Ouch! That’s where Veteran Assistance kicked in. It took a while, but my request for aid was approved, but I have to get a second estimate. This part I don’t understand. My deductible is the same whether the bill is $750 or $1000. The insurance company covered the rest and already sent me the check. Still, if I have to jump through a hoop or two, I really can’t complain. Hopefully, I will be back to washing my backside in my own home by next week.

The problem here is that it is a pain in the ass to get a well digger out to give me an estimate. I had to try six plumbers before one came out and told me I needed a well digger for the job. Fortunately, he was kind enough to recommend a good one who came out the next day. Now I need another one for the second estimate who might not be thrilled about coming out just to give a competitive bid.



3 Responses to “Water Water Everywhere…Except Here”

  1. you-know-who Says:

    Hey Wulf,

    What is the update on this? I hope you got your water back. Going with out that is pretty much a deal breaker for many, considering the alternatives. We had serious with our drains backing up around the holidays. Unfortunately, we had black mold and had to throw out a lot of stuff. The good side is that we cleaned out our basement, which needed it, but the smell lingered. We used an electric pump and the water ceased to back up again. Thank goodness that chapter is over.

    • wulfmann Says:

      The water is back. I went a month or so dry, then a veterans assistance agency granted me the money to get the pipes and tank replaced. However, all was not yet well in the Wolf Den. I had a few good days until the hot water ran out. It turned out that the 220 VAC was gone in mopst of the house. No furnace, no dryer and no hot water.
      Fortunately, it was only the disconnect box that went bad. A loan from mommy and the sweat of my favorite mechanic got that up and running again. I am now as comfortable as I can be in this dump. I have hot water, electric furnace (should I run out of fire wood) and a semi-working dryer.



      • You-Know-Who Says:

        Yeah, getting through the problem takes time and work–not to mention a LOT of patience–but you eventually get through it. Being without hot water sucks, especially in the wintertime (freezing shower, anyone?), and such problems always seem to arise at the wrong time.

        Ah, so goes life.

        Thank goodness for mommy and your favorite mechanic! Where would you be without them? 😉


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