Light bulbs and the Internet

What do light bulbs and the internet have in common? That’s easy. Congress is screwing around with both.

I’ll start with light bulbs. Laws are now being passed that will phase out Thomas Edison’s bright idea and replace them with the fluorescent variety. Why? Well, for 14 to 16 watts a fluorescent bulb (what do the call the screw in types, anyway?) kick out as much light as a 60 to 100 watt bulb of the old fashioned variety. They are said to last longer, too. To be perfectly honest, I use them in my own home to cut energy costs. So why would I be against phasing out the old style bulbs? Congress, made up of rich idiots who never lacked for anything, has no concept of what the great unwashed needs to survive. Farmers use high wattage bulbs in animal pens to keep the critters warm in the winter. People with wells and piping under the house in a crawl space use them to keep their pipes from freezing up and bursting. Fluorescent bulbs just can’t do that. I just recently replaced all of the pipes and water tank under my own home because I had failed to use this simple preventative measure. Not wanting to repeat that error, I had to go to two different stores to find some 60 watt bulbs.

Then there is the disposal issue. A standard bulb can just be tossed in the trash and not worried about. Fluorescent bulbs have toxic chemicals in them that will require special care in disposal. Most people won’t even be aware of that fact and toss them in the bin, thus sending them to land fills where they can poison the ground.

While I am all for cutting energy costs, it is up to the consumer, not congress, to decide what lighting to use. Especially when you cut costs at the expense of the environment.

Now we get to the real nitty-gritty; the internet. Congress wants to create laws to censor the web. Frankly, I don’t think it can be done. Still, the issue is whether they should even try.


Oh, I could live with a lot less of the crap that floats around in the ether. Kiddy-porn, for one. Schmucks trying to sell you crap you don’t need for another. Stop those and you have my vote.

Unfortunately, censorship never stops where you want it to. Give then and inch and they’ll take the whole damn thing. In other words, it is an attack on the1st Amendment. This happens every so often. The HUAC in the 1950’s where political freedom was curtailed. If somebody wants to be a communist, it is his own damn business. He’s an idiot, but that’s his right. Yet people were thrown into jail right and left for failing to surrender information about the great communist conspiracy. Then there was Prohibition where a bunch of busy-bodies with sticks up there asses decided that nobody should be allowed to drink. Larry Flint came under fire for Hustler magazine, which is downright tame, compared to some of the stuff out there today. Irving Klaw was hounded for his fetish work that wouldn’t even raise an eyebrow, now. Eventually, these blew over and the people attacking Flint and Klaw are considered ass-holes by most people today.

We simply cannot let congress impose a law that attacks the 1st Amendment. Once it starts we hit the slippery slope into oppression. One by one they will chip away at our personal freedoms. In fact, they have been doing so for years. Don’t think so? Try driving your car without a seatbelt. Get caught, get a ticket. In fact, you need a permit to do EVERYTHING but have sex and procreate. And you better not get caught paying for that, either. Oh, wait; they did have a law about that at one point. Persons deemed genetically unfit were sterilized. Yes folks, it happened in this country in the last century!

We have to stop congress from chipping away at the constitution and our personal liberties. Stop censorship before it start (like it hasn’t already.)

Wolf Rant


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One Response to “Light bulbs and the Internet”

  1. Peter Says:

    Hi Wolf,
    with worries I see that the USA seems to take over ideas from the EU (which is the abbreviation for EUSSR).

    In the EU, the light bulbs are already forbidden, i.e. the ones that are in the shops can be sold, but they must noct be produced, anymore. The politbureau (officially called “EU-Commission”) imposed that law in favor of the so-called “energy saving bulbs” last year.
    I say “imposed”, because the politbureau is almost completely out of check by any other body, including the European parliament… (It’s as though the US president and his secretaries can impose any law they wish without having to get it passed by Congress, at all).
    You are damn right about the bulbs. The new “energy savers” may save energy, but they are more expensive than the standard bulbs. But: they do not last longer than the old bulbs, and they contain toxic substances such as e.g. mercury. That’s three arguments against buying them. Since the industry still wants to make people buy the more expensive, shorter-lived, toxic bulbs they went the classical way… let me quote Mel Brooks in his movie “History of the World.” His character Comicus said, “The Roman Senate is the best institution that money can buy.” Lubrication is everything, not only in terms of engines ;-). Corruption on the EU level is by far higher than in Romania or Italy… and that really is an achievement. Which explains why they make so many nonsense decisons, far away from any reality.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s the same thing in the US Congress. They cannot be collectively blind, deaf and stupid. The word that comes to mind is “corrupt.”

    Internet… a ban on child pronography ? Yes, definitely. The question is, how to implement it without censoring everything. I agree that censorship is the beginning of te end of freedom, for, as you correctly say, where will it stop ? I’m sure, as well, that it will be used for other things as well, leading us to a complete censorship as in China. This must not be the goal to be achieved.

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