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Google and Facebook

March 5, 2012

Those of you familiar with Google and Facebook know that they have recently decided to change their on-screen layout. What used to be an easy to use setup wasn’t good enough fo them, so now they are moving it around and making it look like total shit. That was bad enough. Those of us who liked the old way were staying with that. So, now they nag nag Nag NAG for you to change to the new layout. Google throws an ad on the bottom of your homepage to “Switch to new view” where it is in the way and annoys the hell out of you. And you can’t remove. Hey, google, if you want me to switch to Yahoo or Bing that badly, this is the way to go.
Facebook also started this new timeline shit that gives me a migraine just to look at. And they nag nag Nag NAG at you to switch to it. They clearly do not care what you want to use, they just want to make you do things their way. Their way clearly sucks.
Now, why do they care if you use the old way or the new? You are still using their product, right? Unless there is something in the new layout that gives them some sort of access to you life that otherwise you would rather they not have. I am sick of the Cityvill, Farmville and other Shitvilles Facebook encourages you to play. I am totally sick of the shit surveys they want you to take to get coins and find out what somebody said about you. If somebody has something to say about me, they can do so to my face. Otherwise, I don’t give a shit.
Google and Facebook can take their new formats and shove them up their collective asses. Let me use what I want to use and stop nagging me to switch.

Wolf Rant!