Bloomberg Blunder

The mayor of New York wants to limit the size of sugary soda to 16 oz to fight against obesity. HA! Make the size smaller and people will just buy more. You want a 64 oz Big Gulp but can only get a 16oz? Fine, buy four. Nothing accomplished except gouging the public.

Lets look at this another way. This is supposed to be America were people are supposed to be responsible for their own lives. We are forced to wear seatbelts and motorcycle helmets. Back in the 20s we were not allowed to drink alcohol. All that did was give a hell of a lot of money to bootleggers. I imagine New Yorkers will flock over to New Jersey to get their two liter fix forcing Bloomberg to institute car searches for people coming into the city. Bootlegger will load up their vans and sell sodas in back alleys. Soda companies will get big time money by selling twice as many 12oz cans (can you say collusion? I knew you could.)

Thank whatever deity you like that I don’t live in New York. I don’t do sugary sodas, anyway, but I simply will not tolerate being told what I can and cannot buy from the grocery store.


3 Responses to “Bloomberg Blunder”

  1. CW64 Says:

    One fights obesity and other health issues through scientific research, medical consultation/ongoing treatment, education and personal assessment, NOT through legal mandates that force compliance to certain ridiculous and unrealistic restrictions that limit citizen’s rights and do nothing to change behavior (unlike Pavlov’s subjects, we are not canines). Why do politicians and lawmakers think they can and/or should do this? Do they believe that said citizens are so hopelessly ignorant or unintelligent that they require constant supervision by the powers-that-be to do their thinking and decision-making for them?


    I have an above-average IQ and make my own decisions about my health and how I run my life. As long as I do not break laws or hurt other people, the government and law enforcement can and will do nothing. I am a educated man and continue educating myself, all the time, and that includes matters of health; I know what is healthy and what is not, and I go about taking care of myself as I am able. In the end, I am responsible for that, as I should and prefer to be. Unlike the government, I know what is best for me.

    By the way, I am far from obese and eat healthy much of the time while constantly monitoring and regulating my food consumption on a regular basis. The fact that I know my own physiological needs better than anyone makes me the best person to do this.

    Sorry about my ranting here, but I had to speak up. I do not favor or trust bureaucracies. Their constant self-righteous intrusions irritate the hell out of me to no end. We all have to vent from time to time, don’t we?

    Thanks and take care


  2. Sparrowhawk Says:

    Hi Wolf,
    today I read that this ban would be going to be challenged in court.

    Greetings from the Old World…

    • wulfmann Says:

      As it should be. I will admit to being a bit on the large side myself (understatement since I am just slightly smaller than the Chrysler Building) but I can honestly say soda had no part in this. I was drinking Diet Coke back when I was a svelt 210 (pounds, not kilos) and was still drinking it when I got up to 370. I would have to lay the blame on pizza and beer, not sodas, yet I have heard nothing about McDonalds or Pizza Hut or Budweiser being attacked by Bloomberg. Hypocricy, table for one!

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