The Gay Lantern?

Anybody who has followed my blog knows I have no problem with gays or gays being allowed to marry (they should be allowed to be as miserable as the rest of us) or any other group regardless of race or religion. Everybody is equal. So my oncoming rant should not be considered a gripe against gays.

WTF is DC thinking remaking an established character gay? Do they think that makes it more PC? If you want to make some gay characters, feel free. My problem is changing up long standing characters. I was against Heimdall being played by a black man in the Thor movie becaus it flew in the face of long established myth. I would have been equally outraged if an African Deity had been played by Arnold Schwarzenagger. It just doesn’t fit. Actually, the actor did a pretty good job and was cool to watch, but he just wasn’t blond enough to be a Norse God. Period.

Making Green Lantern gay after, what, 70 years of being straight, is ludicrous. That is one hell opf a long time to stay in the closet. Better to make a new and unique character gay. If DC really wanted to be bold they could have had Batman and Robin come out of the closet as suggested by Frederick Wertham in “Seduction of the Innocent.” Better yet, have Superman reveal that he is Jewish. It worked out okay for Ben Grimm. Why not? His creators were both Jewish, but back in the 30s it wouldn’t have sold.

Green Arrow as gay I would almost buy. With his constant womanizing he has to be covering up for something. Frankly, super-heroes spent decades without love lives or even genitalia, now we have to remake them into something else just to be PC? Sheeeeeeeit! Fine, why stop there? Lets have some bi-sexual super-heroes. Tony Stark and Hercules would both be candidates for that. Wonder Woman should be a lesbian given that she came from an island with nothing but women.

My real point is that they can make all the new gay heroes they want. Prior to the relaunch Obsidion, Green Lanterns son, was gay. He was a cool, if bi-polar character. DON’T SCREW WITH THE CLASSICS!

Wolf Rant


2 Responses to “The Gay Lantern?”

  1. CW64 Says:

    I have gay friends and am all for equality as well, but some of these gay rights issues are getting WAY out-of-hand. Before long, gay advocates will claim heterosexuals are anti-gay simply in light of the fact that they are heterosexual. Gays and lesbians have their place in society just like everybody else, and so they should, but that doesn’t mean they have a right to insist that everything reflect their lifestyle or else. In the end, they are, in effect, being what they abhor most. Ah, such irony!

    Go, ahead and create colorful gay characters. As an editor for a publishing company that releases both heterosexual and gay erotic romances, I not only agree with that but encourage it. The gay pop culture should develop on its own without cutting into and making demands on the heterosexual world. Leave the straight world as it is without affecting change to it. The same goes for the gay community, which constantly asserts that non-gays accept them for what they are. I am all for that. Respect goes both ways.

    And please do NOT bring up this issue regarding that oily snake known as politics or “politically correctness” Both of these merely refer to social attitudes reflecting a fear of lawsuits and a desire to alleviate possible tensions; they do nothing along the lines of what is genuinely considered mutually respectable, unless those conventions apply to all parties equally and equitably. Quite often, the majority can and is treated just as unjustly as minority groups are. “Political correctness” is effective only to the point that it recognizes what is deemed fair, just and appropriate with respect to ALL, not serve as a means of placating underdogs who feel that if things don’t go their way all the time they are being wronged in some way. We all have to live together. Let’s do that by maintaining recognition and respect for all involved.

    Again, sorry about getting on my soapbox. Like Wulf, I need to rant from time to time, just as gays do. I respect their right to do so and I hope they respect mine.

    Take care, all.


  2. CW64 Says:

    By the way, I forgot to mention that one of my favorite Robin Williams films is “The Bird Cage,” adapted from “Le Cage Aux Folles.” The story is lighthearted, spirited and lively, as is the music, and the characters are both colorful and genuine. I haven’t yet viewed its predecessor, but I plan on doing so. I only hope the French version has subtitles. I know a little bit of the language, but I am far from fluent.


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