Facebook Timeline: Epic Fail

Like most people, I think, when Facebook first offered Timeline I simply ignored it. Why screw with something that didn’t need screwing with? Then I saw Timeline on some other people’s FB pages and instantly hated.

Well, it was their choice to use that ugly piece of shit and I simply went on with the original format. Until today.

Today, Facebook has taken the choice away from you. Apparently they don’t think you can choose for yourself like an intelligent adult. So now, you have Timeline and there is nothing you can do about it.

Actually, there is something, and I am doing it. I am cancelling Facebook and switching to Google +.

Frankly, I was sick of the bullshit like “Things about you” where you had to get coins to find out what somebody said about you. Don’t care. If somebody has an opinion about me they can tell me to my face. Not my Facebook.

So, Facebook decided to try an Epic Fail to see if people would put up with it. Unfortunately, way too many people will follow along like sheep when the shepherd rounds them up. This is how big corporations get away with shoving their crap down your throat.

We wolves will simply move on to greener pastures…after will pick off a few sheep, of course.

Good-bye, Shitbook! You will not be missed.

Wolf Rant


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