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Caveat Fuzzy

November 5, 2012

It has been a few months since the sequel to my book Fuzzy Ergo Sum hit the public. It is too soon to speculate on how well it is being received, though my mommy likes it. Actually, I have had a few fans express their appreciation for my work.

Caveat Fuzzy marks the conclusion of my story line started in FES and I do not anticipate doing another Fuzzy book soon. Fuzzies are fun and H. Beam Piper did most of the heavy lifting when he created them, but I want to move on to other projects and establish myself as a writer who can stand on his own. Oddly, first I have to finish my current work on The Hos-Bletha Affair, a collaboration novel with John F. Carr, that is also based on Piper’s work.

Back to CF; I had a lot of fun with the project and enjoyed creating a new tribe of Fuzzies that were slightly different from what Beam wrote about, though I had his originals in there, too. Most of Piper’s Fuzzies had an almost uniformly positive introduction to homo sapiens terra so they tended to like us and do as we asked. Granted, a few had a less than stellar introduction to us, but for the most part they were rescued by good Big Ones and fell into line with the rest.

I took the opposite approach; what if first contact was extremely negative for the natives? Let’s be honest, our history on Earth is replete with one group moving in and taking over another groups land, usually wiping them out in the process; Native Americans, Australian Aborigines and so on. Even Piper wrote about such conflicts in Uller Uprising and alluded to others. Fuzzies being small and cute shouldn’t be counted on to keep them safe. In fact they very nearly faced extinction at the hands of the Chartered Zarathustra Company.

So, I decided to let people see how Fuzzies would react if they felt threatened. Not everybody agrees with my approach. That is to be expected. Nobody can make everybody happy all of the time.

I also took the opportunity to expand on the tech level in the Piperverse. Ever notice that almost everybody drinks and smokes but nobody suffers from lung cancer or liver failure? I explained why that might be without, I hope, overdoing it.

I am going to stop now before I give away any more. I hate spoilers and so, I expect, do you. I hope you will give my book a read. Even more, I hope you will enjoy it.

Wolfgang Diehr