Rasberry Ultra Drops SPAM Scam

Rasberry Ultra drops supports SPAM Scams. They break into your e-mail then SPAM everybody you know with their adverts. I have no idea how good a product this might be, and I never will. Anybody who uses this kind of sales tackic is to creooked for me to ever trust. Neither should you.
Consider; they break into your e-mail account by hacking your password, then shoot their bullshit to all of your friends. Now you have to change your password, inform your friends that they may have been hacked as well and report them to your IP.
Nice, huh?
Do not support these ass-holes by buying their questionable product.

Wolf Rant.


One Response to “Rasberry Ultra Drops SPAM Scam”

  1. CW64 Says:

    I understand your aggravation, Wolf. The worse thing about it is that this isn’t the only scam out there. Many online ventures, it seems, use this practice. All they want is the money. They don’t care about intruding upon one’s private space–just make money.

    And decent has no place there.

    No, I don’t pay any attention to them. Whenever I get the spam, I promptly delete it. Occasionally, I get one or two in my inbox. When that happens, I promptly ‘spam’ it THEN delete it. I receive some from those who have accessed friend’s accounts. I promptly inform my friends and then delete them.

    Yet, they still come. What can you do except delete them.

    I know you need to vent, tough. Everybody does.

    Take care.


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