Right To Work

Let me be clear right up front that I do not like Gov. Schnyder. I think he is bad for Michigan and will bring the state down eventually. He actually makes me nostalgic for the days of Granholm and that is just bad beyond belief.

That said, I could admit that even a broken clock is right twice a day, and this is a very broken clock indeed. The new Michigan law “Right to Work” is the correct action to take. Oh, sure, the Unions are outraged. Of course they are. Now they cannot edge out competitive bids by non-union companies. Well, actually, that was not really something they could legally do anyway. I used to work security on a site where the bid had been won by a non-union company, for about a quarter of what the Union would have charged, so I was there to keep “accidents” from happening at night. Oh, yes, such accidents do happen and you can believe that somebody in a union was behind it.

It used to be that Unions were necessary to protect the worker from the big employers that could get away with almost anything. Nobody likes to admit how mobbed up many of these unions are, of course. I know that numbers rackets were being run in automotive plants, for example. The problem now is that we need protection from the unions themselves.

Oh, sure, they claim that it will bring everybody down. Everybody should have the protection of the union. Well, some people can’t get into the oh so precious unions. Others may not want to give their own hard-earned money to a union that doesn’t really do anything for them, or maybe they don’t want to support the criminal organizations behind the unions.

I was for unions when they protected the workers and fought for better conditions and higher pay. I do not support anybody that thinks you have to join them to get a decent job. And, let’s face it, the unions didn’t do jack-shit for the people in Flint.

Let people work whether or not they want to join a union. Not just flipping burgers, which is almost the only kind of job you can get without joining a union anymore.

Wolf rant!


3 Responses to “Right To Work”

  1. Sparrowhawk Says:

    This almost sounds like Amerikan unions are run by the Mafia……

  2. wulfmann Says:

    Some are. Running numbers is illegal, at least in my state, though I suspect it lost much of its following to the Lotto. Watch the old Stallone movie F.I.S.T. which is loosely based on Jimmy Hoffa.

  3. Kathleen Says:

    You don’t have to join a union in your work place

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