If God Hates Fags…


I think you will find that blurb on T-shirts and bumper stickers. If not, then somebody should start making them. Frankly, I am sick to death of people trying to prevent gay marriage. How does it affect anybody else? I doesn’t. The only people getting bent about it are religious fundamentalist morons, and homophobes. Lots of overlap on that, I think.

The real question, to me, is why it is even an issue? The government has no damned business in our bedrooms beyond going after rapists and child molesters. Homosexuals do not typically fall into these two categories. Why the hubbub? We go back to the religious fundamentalist morons. And that should not even be an issue. This country was founded on the precept of separation between church and state. That means that religious objections from any quarter should have no standing in law-making.

Frankly, I am sick to death of any minority getting shit on because of some group or other. Every so often we find somebody new to pick on. Let me think, the Chinese, Native-Americans (I wonder if the PC crowd checked with them before coming up with THAT handle), blacks, women, Mexicans, and now Gays. I do not give a fuck who is having sex with who until and unless it happens in my bed. (Which isn’t often enough to suit me, BTW.)

My position is that your sexual orientation is locked down before you are born, and it takes extreme circumstances to push you out of that orientation for any length of time. Like prison. Having gay neighbors is not going to make your own children gay. That was determined before birth. It might help them come to grips with it, though, and help them accept themselves instead of trying to hide it from themselves and the world and causing them stress and depression.

My best friend of 40 years is gay. I figured it out five years before he did. It doesn’t make him any less a person of good character. In fact, he is a better man than a hell of a lot of “breeders” I have known. I have a brother who I was separated from for 35 years. He is gay. He thought it would freak me out when he told me. Nope. My attitude was , “And…?” And nothing. He is still my brother.

Back in Christ’s time, a single Jewish man in his thirties would have been looked upon with suspicion and maybe even stoned. I am in my fifties and still a bachelor. Should I be wearing a hard hat? How long will it be before Gays are accepted the way Bachelors are?

People, wake up and smell the reality. People are what they were born to be, at least in this instance. If you are of a religious bent, then open your mind to the possibility that it is part of God’s design. If you are of a scientific bent, or Darwinist, then perhaps this is nature’s way of slowing down excessive population growth. I suspect I will be taking some shit from both parties on this, and that is cool. I can take the heat. What I can’t take is ignorant bigotry.

Wolf Rant!



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