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July 22, 2013

I run on a low income base and am always up for a bargain. Occasionally, my silly side gets the better of me and I get something frivolous. That’s when I decided to get some glasses from

My advice to you is this: Don’t! I wanted two pair of glasses. One for driving with green lenses, one for close up with blue lenses. What I received was two pair of charcoal lenses, one with a prescription so wrong I could not make out my own hand.

So, I called to complain. I got some idiot who argued with me about the order. After a few minutes of going round and round I said “fuck-it” and hung up. Now I am warning people not to make my same error. I still intend to get my money back, mind you, but now I will be out the cost of sending these POS glasses back.

So, heed my warning and save your money. Do not use

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