xBox One Screws You – Big Time!


Many of us have an Xbox gaming console. My son, for example, has the original xBox and a 360. Those two were somewhat interchangeable, at least with some of the games and the controllers. Now we have the Xbox One gaming console.

Now we are screwed.

The new Xbox has its own controller. This is not interchangeable with the 360. You can’t use the old controllers on the new console. Period. So, how does this screw you? Well, if you like multiplayer games, you need to buy more controllers. Another, what, $50 to $75? <> And what about the recharger bay you bought for the old 360 controllers? Nope! Don’t work on the new models. <> Aaaaand, the price keypad attachment won’t work on the new controller either. <>

But wait! Surely they didn’t do this redesign just to extract more money from your already overdrawn bank account! They wouldn’t do that…would they? You better believe they would and don’t call me Shirley.

This is an example of capitalism at its worst. So now, some of you are saying, “hey, if you don’t like it, don’t buy it.” This is where the games themselves come into play (so to speak.)

The Xbox 360 has a 16GB drive…at least mine does. Pretty small, really. even though most games are played online, you still need the space for game basics and stored games. The Xbox One has a 500 GB hard drive. Still pretty small, but a lot bigger none-the-less. No need to plug in a back-up hard drive, which I have to admit, is pretty cool. 360 came with 256 to 512 Mb of RAM. One comes with up to 8Gb of RAM.

Xbox One starts to look pretty good with that kind of power, doesn’t it? Well, you need it. The new games, and even some of the old ones, demand more and more power to play. So, what am I bitching about? An upgrade kit would have done the job nicely. No extra expense to replace all of the goodies you already have.

Or maybe the mother board in the 360 can’t support that big a change. I can see how that could be the case. Fine, we have to replace the console. So why couldn’t they make it compatible with the 360 peripherals?

Money. Plain and simple. They wanted to reach into your pocket and grab you by the short and curlies.

Oh, wait, there’s more! It takes forever to update the damn thing when you first set it up. Update? On a BRAND NEW CONSOLE? Now they are just fucking with you because they can. And yet, it gets worse! Now you have to PERSONALIZE the damn thing. Now, it has some cool features, like a webcam built into it (making it easier for the NSA to keep an eye on you) voice command (if there is no other noise in the room so you have to turn off the TV and Radio), aaaand a port for you to plug the 360 into so you can access your old games that CAN’T BE FOUND FOR DOWNLOAD! So now, instead of one console eating your electricity and counter space, you have two! And good luck finding your old games to download direct to the Xbox One.

Isn’t this a wonderful way for them to screw you up, down and sideways?

Clearly, they gave no thought to YOUR interests or convenience. Save your $500.00 (oh, yeah, they seriously jacked up the price for your inconvenience) and stick with your 360.

Wolf Rant

 Wolf Rant


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