Frontier Failure

For anybody considering signing up with Frontier Communications for their internet service. I have been with Frontier for several months and it has been a disaster. The internet cuts in and out CONSTANTLY. I have called them REPERATEDLY to no avail. They send a guy out, he finds no problems, and away he goes. Today, I was on eBay trying to get my son’s birthday present and the frackin internet cut out JUST WHEN I WAS GOING TO PLACE THE WINNING BID! I lost the item and had to find something else, then called Frontier for the nth time. The only reason I am still with these morons is that there is nothing else in my area, which may be why they don’t make a real effort to fix the problem. If you live in an area that offers other choices, DON’T SIGN UP WITH FRONTIER!

Wolf Rant



One Response to “Frontier Failure”

  1. Mark Hopkins Says:

    Hey Wulf,

    Apparently, WOW is a popular company to use, and I have heard [mostly] positive things about it. The monthly rate is something like $75.00, but that’s for both Internet and TV cable. I am not certain what the rate would be for Internet along if the company offers that plan. You can check it out and see.

    Sorry to hear about the debacle you’re encountering. I have heard horror stories regarding cable and Internet services.

    Good luck!

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