I find myself a bit concerned over how many people actually support this reprehensible individual. “But she is standing up for her beliefs! She shouldn’t go to jail for that!” Bullshit. She defied a court order. She for damned sure should go to jail for that.

Lets consider the long term effects of what this bigot is doing. She cannot in good conscious sign marriage licenses for gays. 50 years ago she would make the same argument against signing mixed marriage licenses. 70 years ago she would have been working for the Nazis who share her sense of right and wrong.

But I digress. If she wins out over common sense and decency and is allowed to continue her ignorant ways, then that means others can do the same. Vegans can refuse to sign hunting and fishing licenses as this violates their conscience. The Catholic pharmacists can refuse to sell you condoms. The Muslim cashier can refuse to ring up your booze and bacon. The atheist can refuse to sell you Christmas supplies. And let us not forget the anti-gun crowd who could refuse to sell you ammunition. I could go on but I hope I have made my point.

Freedom of religion also means freedom FROM religion. Your religion is just that; YOUR religion. You do not have the right to force anybody else to adhere to your belief system. Or would you like to see Muslims force you to wear a burka, only eat halal foods and make you get rid of your unclean dogs?

It is easy to applaud somebody when they deny somebody else their rights when you agree with them, but what about when you are the target of these rights denials? Let anybody get away with something like this and sooner or later it will be your turn to be targeted.

Religion is no defense against not doing your job or defying the law of the land. If what you are required to do is offensive to you, QUIT and get a different job. There are laws against discrimination in this country and refusing to sign a marriage license because it “offends” you is discrimination.

Wolf Rant


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