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Win 10, Another Step Backwards

September 2, 2017

As many of you may know, Microsoft has putout another version of Win 10. Congratulations, Microsoft, on getting it wrong AGAIN!

These idiots obviously don’t read the comments on their own site. Let me make this simple. The last decent interface was Win 7, and only after apps were installed to make it look and feel like XP. Get it? All the add-ons in the universe won’t help to sell this piece of shit when people practically have to learn how to operate it from scratch. Restore the original XP style Start button. Bring up to old style Programs menus. Stop screwing around and making it WORSE>

I am an above average computer user. Hell, I repair the damn things. I even teach others how to use them. I HATE THIS NEW SETUP! I can’t work on it and I won’t tell others to try. Instead I will tell them to buy a MAC, which was the source material for Windows in the first place.

People, let Microsoft know how badly they are screwing you over.

Wolf Rant