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Frontier Failure

August 18, 2015

For anybody considering signing up with Frontier Communications for their internet service. I have been with Frontier for several months and it has been a disaster. The internet cuts in and out CONSTANTLY. I have called them REPERATEDLY to no avail. They send a guy out, he finds no problems, and away he goes. Today, I was on eBay trying to get my son’s birthday present and the frackin internet cut out JUST WHEN I WAS GOING TO PLACE THE WINNING BID! I lost the item and had to find something else, then called Frontier for the nth time. The only reason I am still with these morons is that there is nothing else in my area, which may be why they don’t make a real effort to fix the problem. If you live in an area that offers other choices, DON’T SIGN UP WITH FRONTIER!

Wolf Rant